Seventy new places in private day care in Saint-Honoré in 2017

nouvelle-garderie-ouvriraA new private daycare to open in Saint-Honore, in 2017. A total of 70 places will be available, including 20 infants. And the owners intend to offer services in the evenings and a day nursery. These are three young women of Saint-Honore who are behind this project. Since they have not yet informed their present employer, they prefer to hide their identity.

It was before the lack of spaces and the arrival of many families in Saint-Honoré that three teachers Children are launching their project, which is currently at the stage of construction plans.

“It had long been dreaming to open our own nursery and I’ve realized that the places were very limited when I was looking for my boy,” says one of the young mothers.

Market research

They therefore conducted a market study to survey the population of the small town.

“The response has been very positive. Initially, we wanted to offer 50 seats, but ahead of demand, we have mounted to 70 seats. Demand for infants was also very high, “says one of the future owners.

But it is especially on flexible hours that the three young women wanted to bet. “We had a lot of comments on the opening week nights (15 pm to 1 am). People increasingly atypical schedules and have difficulty finding centers that offer this service. We would also open weekends. In addition, we will offer a drop-in service, which means that parents can testify their child for specific time slots as the weekend, for example. And it will not only regular customers who can use the drop-in service, “says one of the young mothers.

The nursery will be built in the heart of Saint-Honore.

“It will open in 2017, but we have no specific date. Already, we have had thirty applications, “said one of the future owners. To contact one of the young women, visit the Facebook page of the center by writing “the colorful nursery” in the search bar.

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