Several Canadian personalities react to the death of David Bowie

david-bowie-spectacle-montreal-13Reactions to the death of David Bowie occupy considerable space in the media and on social media around the world and Canada is no exception.

First and foremost, it is disbelief and shock that mark admirers everywhere.

“The announcement of the death of David Bowie was a total surprise to everyone, especially the people in the industry and the general public; no one saw it coming, no one knew that he had been so long – 18 months – we have learned to death, “said the facilitator and cultural columnist FM 98.5, Sylvain Ménard, to The Canadian Press.

The discretion surrounding the artist’s health is all the more surprising coming from a man also public during his career as David Bowie, but his death sheds new light on his latest music video, titled Lazarus – the name the biblical character died and rose by a miracle of Jesus – where the singer is seen on a hospital bed.

“The Blackstar album was released two days before his death. When looking at the video that went out with his album, we understand the message suddenly was behind it, “says Sylvain Ménard.

Several artists were quick to post comments on their Twitter feed, including Dan Bigras emphasized that the loss of “A piece of my childhood and of my culture.”

Coeur de pirate has also issued a commentary, in English, stating that “when I look out the window, I see thy light” (when I’ll look out my window I will see your light).

Tributes came from all walks of life and even beyond the horizon, considering that of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, whose acoustic interpretation of the play Space Oddity aboard the International Space Station 2013 became viral.

The few words of Chris Hadfield on his Twitter account refers to different tracks by David Bowie parts while highlighting his genius “who inspired us all.” (“Ashes to ashes, dust to stardust. Your brilliance inspired us all. Goodbye Starman.”)

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also wanted to express his admiration for the missing with the following message on Twitter: “I will never forget hearing Under Pressure for the first time. David Bowie without fear and endearing artist passed away. He will be missed. ”

Finally, as David Bowie incarnated himself a fictional character of his invention, Ziggy Stardust, one can not ignore it signed tweet Criquette Rockwell, this woman crazy and equally flamboyant that disappeared, played by Anne Dorval in the series The the heart has its reasons: “Join the stars my brother Ziggy.”

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