Several compromises projects near Suncor

croquis-futur-centre-compostage-orThe advice of the Emergency Preparedness Centre of Montreal took the vicinity of the refinery by surprise. Since then, the district imposes a moratorium on the issuance of any permit around the most dangerous area of ​​the installations of the oil company Suncor. “Everything else is taken hostage,” says Marc Fortin, who works as a consultant with companies in the sector, grouped in the Coalition for the economic development of Pointe-aux-Trembles (CDEPAT).


Accompanied by Rampa promoter, Gabriel Group in March 2014 was about to open three car dealerships in an open area of 365,000 ft2 southeast corner of Highway 40 and boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste. A snack service would complement the 40 million project expected to create over 250 jobs. “No use or construction project” can not be allowed to [the] property, “affirmed the district on September 26, 2014. The owner Rampa, Martin Dubois, now plans to continue the City.


The custom parts manufacturer for non-metallic materials with 12 employees has to move to enlarge. Its president Michel Massé had found buyers for its facilities in 10,000 ft 2. But the sale was never able to conclude. For over a year, the district refuses to grant any license for its building, located within 400 meters of butane balls. “The City refused even our sign permit,” he said, annoyed. At 51, his building is its pension fund. What is it worth today? No answer, Mr. Massé evaluating its use with its legal advisors.


Subsidiary of an Italian company, Vibac Canada manufactures tape. The company purchased the neighboring building to enlarge. Whoa, was served with the district in 2014. The machinery purchased had to be stored in disaster pending resolution of the impasse, according to CDEPAT. Exasperated by the delays, the house Italian mother considered to put the key under the door, according to the Coalition. Finally, the moratorium was lifted last month for the area beyond 610 meters of butane tanks. It is in this area that is factory Vibac.

Beaudry & CADRIN

Important dry food dispenser, Beaudry & Cadrin is stuck. Any future development appears compromised because of the moratorium on the issuance of permits in an area 610 meters surrounding the Suncor refinery. Worse, the wholesaler employing 200 people is next to the future composting center east of Montreal, which requires, too, a buffer zone of 500 meters. In this area, only be permitted development projects of activities compatible with the composting center. Moving in sight?


Originally planned in the St. Michel district, the center organics processing with a processing capacity of 29,000 tons per year landed northeast of the intersection formed by the Metropolitan and the boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste . The agglomeration council amended the zoning March 26, 2015. Now the course is coveted in the area surrounding the butane tanks Suncor, which is subject to the moratorium. The composting center he will come anyway?


The City of Montreal provides for the construction of a north-south bicycle path along the entire length of the boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste, one of the few road links in the east of the island in a straight line linking the banks south and north of the city. The project is a key element in the redevelopment of the boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste. Cyclists pass borrow this path a few blocks away dangerous butane spheres.

Fatal previous
Flammable vapor cloud explosions are extremely rare in industry, but cause the disaster when they occur. It is even already arrived in Montreal. Three past tragedies remind us that the danger remains very real. Damage is shown in dollars of 2011. – André Dubuc and Francis Vailles

East Montreal, Canada, January 8, 1957

Result: 1 death, damage 16,500,000

A faulty sensor causes an overflow tank. The spilled butane creates a cloud of flammable vapor that comes in contact with an ignition source. The fire triggered a series of explosions in 35 minutes. Shock waves and flying objects then cause a conflagration of the nearby Esso refinery tank farm.

Sources: JP Lacoursière, in January 2009, and International Review of Chemical Engineering, 2012

Feyzin (Lyon), France, January 4, 1966

Result: 18 dead and 84 wounded, damage 146 million

Propane spheres alongside butane spheres in a refinery near a highway. When a sample, the furthest tank valve freezes. Propane escapes, creating a flammable cloud over the expressway. A car serves as a source of ignition. The fire goes back to the tank and causes two successive explosions that result in the destruction of 11 tanks, three spheres of butane.

Sources: JP Lacoursière, in January 2009, and International Review of Chemical Engineering, 2012

Pampa, Texas, United States, November 14, 1987

Review: 3 dead, 43 injured, 60 people evacuated, damage 440 million

Butane vapor explosion causes a second explosion and fire at the plant in Hoecchst Celanese Chemical. The blast of the explosions is strong enough to shatter the windows of buildings in downtown Pampa, 10 kilometers to the east. About a quarter of the factory’s 400 workers destroyed by fire.

Sources: International Review of Chemical Engineering, 2012, and New York Times, 1987

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