Several Republicans require new standards for debates

initiative-fait-suite-debat-organiseSeveral candidates in the Republican primary for the US presidential foment a revolt against the organizing channels of debate, accused of being biased and which they would like to impose a format that would be more favorable to them.

Representatives of candidates have met and are working on a joint letter to the chain fixing their conditions for the next debate. The latest version, obtained by the Washington Post, contains nearly 30 requirements or questions.

For example, candidates want to know in advance the debate format, duration, who will ask the questions, whether the candidates have the right to meet a rival … They ask that the temperature does not exceed 19 degrees Celsius, and want to approve in advance the text of the low screen inscriptions.

They also refuse questions “traps” and those which need to be answered freehand. Want to ban cutaways showing the public reaction, another candidate, or an empty podium after breaks (the chains are requested to specify in advance the distance between the stage and the toilet).

Applicants also claim every 30 seconds at the beginning and end of the debate for an opening statement and conclusion.

The initiative follows the debate held last week by the CNBC financial channel, during which the moderators cut repeatedly candidates.

They had complained about CNBC and the Republican Party, who had taken over the organization of the season to avoid the blood bath of 2012, when twenty debates took place in the greatest disorder.

Criticized the party has endorsed Friday the parent NBC by depriving it had to organize the debate in February.

But candidates have decided to bypass the party by negotiating directly with the chains. To top it all, billionaire Donald Trump announced that it would negotiate also on his side.

All does not yet joined the movement. “Stop complaining,” said the candidate Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, Monday on Fox News. “Put the podium and here we go.”

President Barack Obama himself has joked about the wishes of the Republican candidates. “They say they will talk to Putin when he shall come into line. And then you realize that they can not even manage some CNBC moderators “Has he said Monday in New York.

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