Sexism in Silicon Valley? Ellen Pao waives his legal battle

ellen-pao-souligne-avoir-depenseEllen Pao, a former employee of a venture capital company became an emblem of the debate on sexism in Silicon Valley, announced Thursday that it was withdrawing its court battle.

In an article published on the website of technological information Re / Code, it states that it has finally decided not to appeal the verdict to a highly publicized trial last year, where she had been dismissed a discrimination complaint against his former employer, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB).

His lawyers had yet reported in early June of its intention to appeal.

“Seeking justice in court was painful for me personally and professionally and for my family. I now turn to something else, I pay Kleiner Perkins legal costs and I abandon my call, “wrote Ellen Pao on Re / Code.

Ellen Pao claimed to have been returned in late 2012 KPCB as she had complained of being discriminated against. She demanded $ 16 million, the shortfall in salary she would have received if she had not been returned.

Advocates of KPCB, become a famous company by investing in the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Google, had in turn describes a calculator woman, guided by resentment and greed, claiming she had not been promoted because it did not have the necessary skills and not because she was a woman or that she had an affair with a married colleague.

After two days of deliberations, a jury of six men and six women found in favor of the company’s venture capital.

“My experience shows how difficult it is to tackle discrimination through the judicial system,” comments Ellen Pao Thursday, citing in particular the disparity between the means available and those used during the trial by his former employer.

It emphasizes that he personally spent large sums, but have “not afford to continue this battle and risking having to pay additional costs if I lose on appeal.” It ensures however want to continue “out of court” efforts “to improve the situation in the workplace for women and minorities.”

The lack of social diversity in the US technology sector, where women, blacks and Hispanics appear underrepresented relative to their weight in the US population, is the subject of considerable debate today.

KPCB after the deal, Ellen Pao had again made about her this summer after leaving the leadership of the social network Reddit just months after taking the controls. The unexplained return of an employee of the social network was particularly triggered a petition demanding his departure and Ellen Pao had also found the target for inflammatory and sexist remarks on Reddit.

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