Sexual harassment: a reprimand and a fine of $ 2000 for military

cours-proces-m-bernier-avaitLieutenant Colonel Martin Bernier, who pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual harassment at the place of two soldiers from Valcartier, was given a $ 2,000 fine and a reprimand in Wednesday’s court martial.

Louis-Vincent d’Auteuil judge is thus made to the arguments of the defense, as the prosecution had suggested a demotion.

Recognizing that the actions taken were shocking, the judge ruled that a reprimand was sufficient to illustrate the loss of confidence in Lieutenant Colonel location.

During his trial, Mr. Bernier had admitted asking inappropriate gestures at the site of two military under his command as part of an event marking the 100th anniversary of the Royal 22nd Regiment in October 2014, at the Convention Centre Quebec.

The sexual assault charges against him were dropped in his answer to the charge in relation to allegations of sexual harassment.

During his trial, Mr. Bernier, who is currently based in Ottawa, said it had apologized the next day events.

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