Sexual harassment complaint against Marcel Aubut

marcel-aubutMarcel Aubut has temporarily withdrawn on Wednesday night as president of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) by the end of an internal investigation regarding an official complaint against him.

According to the Globe and Mail, it is a complaint of sexual harassment allegedly suffered by an employee of the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

No criminal charges have however been brought against the strongman of the Canadian Olympic movement. This is an internal investigation. In a press release Wednesday, the COC has confirmed that a formal complaint had been filed against Marcel Aubut, without specifying its exact content. “We immediately launched the investigation process under the policies of the Canadian Olympic Committee and have retained the services of Mr. François Rolland, former Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec as an independent investigator.”

“Disgusted” by the nature of the allegations, a board member of Soccer Canada told La Presse in a telephone interview that she had been sexually harassed several times by Mr. Aubut. This however, is not she who filed the formal complaint with the COC.

There are four years old, their first meeting did not go as planned, says Amelia Salehabadi-Fouques. While she was teaching at the University of Montreal in sports law, she had contacted Marcel Aubut to get involved with the COC. They had arranged to meet at Queue de Cheval restaurant, in downtown Montreal. To his surprise, Mr. Aubut was waiting at the bar, not at a table.

“All that interested him was my personal life and my breasts,” says the lawyer in labor law. Later in the evening, Mr. Aubut then attempted an unwanted merger, she said.

“And then he kisses me without me because it makes me want to drink a lot with the language and everything … it disgusted me.”, She said, outraged. “I felt raped in front of everyone. I am a married woman with three children. “At the end of the evening, she claims to have left the taxi scene.

Last year, Marcel Aubut has invited in a business context in a Quebec City hotel. A crowd of people was supposed to be present, but when she got there, there was nobody and no hotel room in his name, only that of Marcel Aubut. Furious, she called on the phone.

“He told me:” When will I come into your room I asked for the keys to your room? “. I am weary. “That night, Amelia Salehabadi-Fouques has not slept.

Last year, during a match of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World, Olympic Stadium, Amelia Salehabadi-Fouques again says he was harassed by Marcel Aubut.

“Before my 15 year old son, he said, as he went to the tunnel,” When are we sleeping together? ” I became livid to see my 15 year old son … it was horrible, “she recites, strangled voice. Repeatedly, La Presse tried unsuccessfully to talk with Marcel Aubut Wednesday night about the second witness and the official complaint.

In a statement released Wednesday night, COC president said he learned of the allegations concerning comments he allegedly made to a co-worker. “It offers its unconditional support to those responsible for shedding light on the remarks attributed to him and get the facts. This is a normal procedure that should be completed by mid-October. Mr. Aubut said he never had the intention to offend or upset anyone by words pronounced he would in the course of their duties. ”

This formal complaint has sown discord within the Canadian Olympic Committee and has soured relations between Marcel Aubut and other COC leaders, reported Wednesday the Globe and Mail, citing unnamed sources. The conduct alleged against Marcel Aubut in the complaint would be the “verbal comments,” the newspaper argued.

The BCF law firm, which Marcel Aubut is a partner and vice chairman, reacted late Wednesday evening to indicate that it would not comment. “Given that they [these allegations] does not affect the professional activities of Mr. Aubut at the firm, the latter shall remain in office,” it said in the statement.

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