Shane Jimrattie murder: the goal was to steal, not to kill

nombreuses-personnes-avaient-offert-leurRather than undergo a second trial for the murder and dismemberment of Shane Jimrattie, as ordered by the Court of Appeal, Michel Côté pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter and insulting a corpse, Friday morning in Montreal . He got 15 years, but should be free in 50 days, because of his detention.

Jimrattie Shane, 21, was killed forty hammer, when he entered the apartment where he had delivered the cocaine the night of April 16, 2007. The delivery was made in housing occupied Côté and Nadège Merceus on Rosemont Boulevard. Side was a man without history so far. He had spent all his life in the small village of Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, where he was a butcher, and was in Montreal for a few months to act as a concierge in the building in question. There he saw Nadège Merceus, consuming large crack and prostitute. On contact, Côté was dragged into a spiral of consumption.

At their trial in 2009 Merceus and Côté were convicted of the murder of Mr. Jimrattie unpremeditated. The woman, who testified, had put all the blame on side, saying she was busy in the toilet to crack, when he killed the driver. Side, for its part, did not testify.

The two went on appeal but only the one side of hosted.

Flight went wrong

This morning, the prosecutor of the Crown David Simon summarized the facts, and given the side version. The famous night Merceus and Côté had consumed much but were short of money and drugs. Merceus, who knew Jimrattie, called him at night for next. Jimrattie did not want to linger, he left his car running in the street, thinking it would take only minutes.

Côté admits he was scheduled to fly the delivery man, threatening him. He himself had a knife, and Merceus had a hammer. But then, when he did threaten, the driver wanted to leave. Merceus was then hit with the hammer. Jimrattie had no defense wounds.

“Côté did not know that the weapon would be used,” argued Mr. Simon.

In the following hours, Cote and Merceus undertook to get rid of the corpse. Côté, who was a butcher, the cut without touching the bone, with a precision that showed the anatomical knowledge. The body parts are in bags. The couple cleaned the apartment and was about to go get rid of the body.

Meanwhile, on the evening of April 17, Eric Jimrattie, brother of the victim, was in the corner for putting up missing posters, as Shane’s car was found nearby. Seeing an individual file garbage bags in a vehicle, Eric Jimrattie called police. He was right. In the bags, there was the body of the victim, mop and bloodstained clothes and objects. Côté was arrested the same evening, and Merceus has been in the following months. The traces of blood on the woman’s jeans suggest that it is this which has dealt the hammer, according to Mr. Simon’s story.

The penalty, the judge has confirmed this morning was a joint submission by the Crown and defense, represented by Christian Gauthier.

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