Shay arrives with Jolie Garce, 5 reasons why we await the album with impatience

shay-booba-clip-rap-noir-et-blanc-video-jolieOn 2 December, the little protégé of Booba will release her very first album, Jolie Garce, which is already a success. They tell you why.
About a month ago, the new sensation rap revealed the cover of his first album Jolie Garce on social networks. A big news that puts us totally in turmoil. For those who still do not know, Shay is the Belgian little protege discovered by Booba, who once again illustrated himself in a very violent clash, and who signed it on his label 92i. After two first tracks “XCII” and “1200” a year ago, the beautiful is about to release her very first opus on December 2nd. A passage in the court of the great who should allow him once and for all to impose himself in the middle. With Jolie Garce, whose name says already about the personality of the young woman, Shay will give the coup de grace to the competition, and we explain why.

Shay is first of all clips of eggs. “PMW”, the very first extract of its galette has collected more than 30 million views on YouTube. An exploit that is not due to chance since each new video unveils a different universe and an artist that we did not know. Very licked, her clips have everything from a great international star. The latest one, “Cabeza”, allows us to discover an ultra sexy Shay. You were told, rap will experience a new impetus very girly. Precisely, with its ultra-studied look and unparalleled flow, the little urban princess is very often compared to Nicki Minaj, who eclipsed big rappers like Drake and Kanye West, the class not? If he was reproached for copying his style a bit in the clip “Biche”, it is not. Shay comes to bring a breath of fresh air in this middle yet too closed to women, and just for that, we have a new reason to believe in it.

Fourth argument that makes us wait Jolie Garce with great impatience is the fact that the artist can count on the unfailing support of great rappers, such as the B2O, his mentor, but also Master Gims who invited Gradur and Alonzo On the new version of “Sapés Comme Never”. Last important point, Shay never makes any stories. Very discreet in the media, the star gives interviews in the dropper. She never mingles with rumors and is not fond of clashes like her boss. Even in the face of some provocations on the part of Fanny Neguesha some time ago, who accused her of copying it capillairement, Shay let sink and Booba took care to put it back in place. We have the class or we do not have it. Do you look forward to discovering Shay’s very first album?

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