Shells found in Charlesbourg: the projectiles are destroyed

armee-canadienne-cherche-toujours-savoir(Quebec) The 26 shells found on the grounds of Canac located on Henri-Bourassa Boulevard in Charlesbourg, were transported to the Valcartier military base for destruction.

The spokesman of National Defence, Daniel Blouin, said Saturday Sun that members of the Canadian Armed Forces were working to “identify” the origin of the shell.

Mr. Blouin still could not explain why military artillery type objects were on the grounds of Canac. “We must first identify them,” he commented.

Friday, they are workers doing excavation work on the site that made the discovery. They then contacted the Service de police de la Ville de Québec.

The police subsequently erected a security perimeter around the building site until the arrival of a military team specializing in explosives. No evacuation was necessary.


Until the Army identifies the source of the shells, some assumptions are circulating. Readers have mentioned that the Sun Land Canac was used in the 50s by a junkyard. “Some young penetrated inside the court in question and brought back all sorts of discoveries. Especially wax paper rolls that were used to trace paths through minefields. One time in particular, a young came out with a shell, “wrote Claude us.

Another reader, Andrew, for his part stressed that “the place was built on a former swamp Canac: there has been filling out, that fifty years before the construction of the highway Capital [now Félix-Leclerc Highway]. ”

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