Sherbrooke gathers its data with those of other towns and Quebec

1168891The Government of Quebec and the municipalities whose Sherbrooke decided to bring under one website a multitude of data concerning their administrations.

In addition to making available this information to the entire population, the portal Quebec Data will promote reuse by developers, did we announced in Quebec City Tuesday morning.

It will allow better access to open data Quebec government, we are assured.

In addition to Sherbrooke, Quebec cities are partners, Laval, Gatineau and Montreal.

Quebec data support the development of applications useful to society, in addition to Québec companies new opportunities for growth, said the Minister responsible for the Digital Agenda, Dominique Anglade.

Several experts were asked to test the quality of data available on the portal, in the last month. Within hours, the developers have managed to design an application.

The portal brings together data , among others, the environment, economy, tourism, health and education.

The challenge now is to convince other municipalities to use the portal for the dissemination of open data. Over the coming months, the Government of Quebec and the cities will also work to apply the same standards for data dissemination, which will facilitate access for citizens and developers.

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