Sherbrooke Innopole believes its offer appropriate assistance to Serres Saint-Elie

sherbrooke-innopole-joseeSherbrooke Innopole denies failing to provide appropriate assistance to Greenhouse and Nursery St. Elias for their project of horticultural production center. Within the paramunicipal organization, it is estimated that the record is more a matter of planning for the City of Sherbrooke.

Recall the owner greenhouses, Melanie Gregoire, consider building its horticultural complex outside the city because his land is zoned industrial and the assistance it is offered by the City, in its view, insufficient. Windsor, Coaticook and Cookshire would among others showed interest. Ms. Gregory explained have stepped up efforts to Sherbrooke to the point it feels to have to fight against the municipality.

“We’ve actually been contacted by Mrs. Gregory in mid-February on plans to build a 20 000 ft2 greenhouse complex near the new roundabout of Industrial Boulevard. This field, located almost at the intersection of Industrial Boulevard and the extension of Portland is zoned industrial. It already was when it was acquired by Greenhouse and nursery Saint-Élie last few years. We still made checks with the planning department of the City, who confirmed that horticultural production, like any industrial or technological use, was not allowed on this site, as stipulated in the current zoning, “says Josee Fortin, Director General of Sherbrooke Innopole.

“We’re still trying to find solutions or alternatives for companies who contact us, but we must also respect the regulatory framework. So we informed Mrs. Gregory in late February that it was unfortunately not possible for it to go ahead with its project in the current zoning, but it could make representations to the City this respect. ”

If she wants to build its complex next to its current trade Mélanie Grégoire will likely undertake a rezoning request.

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