Shooter on campus in Ohio: at least eight injured

1308053-forces-policieres-ete-deployees-lundiAt least seven people were taken to hospital on Monday in Ohio (north), reported several media after the State University in Columbus reported the presence of an active shooter on campus.

CNN – citing rescuers – reported eight wounded, including one person seriously affected.

The university was placed in confinement and always request shelter.

The student newspaper The Lantern state was on Twitter of a possible second attacker. “There is a second potential attacker still at large. Continue to shelter you, “tweeted the newspaper.

“Active shooter on campus. Run, hide, fight, “tweeted the emergency services of the institution taking up the slogan of defense of the victims of a shooting (Run, Hide, Fight).

“Continue to take shelter in northern campus,” said a little later the Ohio State University (OSU) Emergency Management.

Several ambulances and fire trucks were lined up along the Woodruff Avenue bordering the campus, also said The Lantern, photo support.

“I just saw people running, police, sirens, all this”, CNN has testified about a student whose first name Scott.

Ohio State University is among the largest in the United States, with 60,000 students at its main campus only.

Shootings are common in the United States, where gun ownership is protected by the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

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