Shootout in Marieville: two dead, suspect fleeing

surete-quebec-faite-avare-commentairesTwo people were killed and a man was seriously injured in a shooting in Marieville Wednesday night in Montérégie. Under a dark sky enlightened by ink only a few stars, dozens of heavily armed police combed the area for hours to get hold of the collar to the suspect.

Leonne Choquette lived horror. His son Eric was reached by two bullets during the shooting. Five minutes earlier, he had left his mother’s house to go show his new tractor to the owner of the garage, a few steps away. “I heard three shots rifle. I told my brue: ”? Did you hear what I just heard ” She immediately leaves his house. She hears a man let go a powerful cry. “He told my son: ‘your fucking hell out of there, I want to see you around here,” she recites, sounded.

His son runs in his direction, the bloody clothes. “He shouted goes away, you’ll get to shoot!” Says Léonne Choquette, still in shock. “He had a torn hand and a bloody neck. He was messed up. I was thinking of doing a heart attack, “said she with a breath. Without further ado, the joint Éric Choquette embarks in his vehicle and goes bang. In this confusion, Ms. Choquette hear three more gunshots echoing in the neighborhood. According to her, it would be rifle shots. His son Eric was rushed to the hospital where he is fighting for his life. The 47-year-old father of three adult children.

Three other men were in the scrap yard Path Branch du Rapide at the time of the tragedy according Leonne Choquette: the owner, a man who lived above his home and a neighbor nearby. At least one of them was known to possess a firearm. “I know they sell the scrap and auto parts,” she concludes about the scrap yard activities. Other neighbors interviewed by La Presse did not know the owner of the garage.

Police tactical squad of the Surete du Quebec were made in the early evening to try to find the shooter, which would armed. A large security perimeter was established at the intersection of Thirty-Six and the path of the Branch-the-Fast, just outside the city center of Marieville. This is a little wooded area, where found mainly of farmhouses and fields.

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