Sick leave and subcontracting: public function obtains mediation

gain-sfpq-dossier-consequences-ensemble(Quebec) A mediator will hear next week, the Union of Public Employees of Quebec, which claims to the Treasury Board to reduce the amounts going to subcontracting rather than “to ax our sick leave plan “.

The referee France Racine, appointed by the Ministry of Labour, will hear both parties on July 22, said the Vice President of SFPQ Maryse Rousseau. The union, which represents 42,000 people, maintains that the negotiations for the renewal of collective agreements are at an impasse since June 4

Ms. Rousseau reported that negotiators Coiteux Minister Martin, President of the Treasury Board, argue that the state “has millions of dollars to save before any improvement in working conditions to monetary impact can not be considered.”

In this spirit, the employers want to reduce spokesman from twelve to seven the number of days off due to illness, ending accumulation in these days of personal leave banks and pay the balance of these banks continues trade unionist.

Now, she connects the SFPQ countered by arguing that the flexibility sought by the government is in the huge sums that Quebec gives agreements outside the civil service. According to a Treasury Board document, in 2013-2014, the contracts of $ 25,000 and cost $ 5.4 billion. Of this total:

$ 2.5 billion were in service contracts;
$ 1.9 billion to construction contracts;
$ 800 million to supply contracts.
SFPQ has brought to the table to discuss collective agreements with the proposal that Treasury “undertakes to cap the annual cost of outsourcing in 2014 and, thereafter, for each year of the agreement collective, it is committed to reducing by 10% the amounts assigned to work externally “of the public service.

It is this proposal that Ms. Racine is responsible for reviewing. According SFPQ, a second session is scheduled for July 28. Exercise has a duration determined in advance: the mediator has 60 days to file a report on the subject.

The press secretary of the Minister Coiteux declined to comment. Marie-Eve Pelletier was limited to indicate that the government “does not negotiate in the public square.” It was not possible to know if the government will present at the mediation meeting.


A gain SFPQ in this case would affect all trade with all public and parapublic sectors. The Vice-President Maryse Rousseau suggested that, for its part, the union is merely exercising a legal remedy provided.

A SFPQ strategy paper argues that the government lets Couillard “austerity prevail even austerity” preferring, in the contractual domain, “continue to use external, even at double the cost of work externally “.

The Treasury Board confirmed the figures that appear in the document on the value of the agreements for 2013-2014. According to this source, the last mentioned year posted the largest amount in five years, nearly $ 300 million more than in 2012-2013, and nearly $ 500 million more than in 2009-2010.

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