Silent march in Montreal to Paris

milliers-personnes-dignitaires-rassemblees-aujourdhuiIt is under the sign of unity than a few hundred people gathered in Montreal on Sunday to show solidarity to the Parisians, who have experienced a series of attacks Friday night that killed at least 129 victims.

The French flags fluttered in the wind with Quebec flags and even Kurdish flags in the crowd, as she moved to the Consulate General of France in Montreal.

“Today, after the shock, there is the will to live again. Because with these attacks, those of Friday, it is not just like with Charlie Hebdo freedom of expression is reached, it is life itself, “said Catherine Feuillet, Consul General of France Montreal.

Several marchers were keen to say they had “no fear”, although several semblassent shaken by events and deeply moved.

Véronique Millet was in Paris when a bomb exploded in a regional train in the French capital in 1995, and she was also in January when there were bombings in the building of the weekly Charlie Hebdo. However, it believes that Friday’s attacks will have different implications.

“I have the impression that the whole world feels perhaps more concerned. I feel it was more “Franco-French” before. I think the Lebanese, I think the Syrians […] There are some who live that often, “she argued.

Its Quebec partner, Vincent Arseneau, is also looking forward to the presence of the Lebanese community, which is also in mourning after attacks in Beirut that killed more than 40 victims. “We must express our solidarity with all peoples […] We must be together face this violence. It has to stop, “he said.

Gullyn, of Kurdish origin, wanted to be present because, she said, his people lived dramas as in France. “Two weeks before, we lost 128 people, injured more, now it happens in France. We want it to stop that war, “she testified.

Many politicians from all levels of government were keen to participate in this gathering, including the Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly, Minister of International Relations, Christine St-Pierre, and the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre.

Several politicians launched the message to not “intimidated” by the attacks and to continue the fight against extremism.

“We will not give bullying. We will protect our values ​​of democracy and freedom. We will stand together against hatred and intolerance. We will promote living together, “commented Mayor Denis Coderre, who was applauded warmly during his speech before the General Consulate.

Without confirming that the Trudeau government would adopt the same position on the withdrawal of Canadian aircraft-hunters in the international coalition against the Islamic state or the home of 25,000 refugees by the end of the year, the Minister Joly stressed the importance of “stand united” and not to “amalgam”.

“It is important that we maintain a healthy social cohesion, we can ensure to maintain, enhance our diversity not to fall back into fear, do not fall in the division. We have already played in that piece then and we still do not do it one time, “she explained.

Ms. St-Pierre shares the view that we must not retreat to massively welcome refugees. “The terrorists would gain if we said:” We stop all that. ” No, we must continue. We must ensure that Canada continues to be a host country, “she pleaded.

The Quebec Minister Trudeau, however, encourages the government to continue its military intervention simultaneously. “These people have attacked our values, attack our values, these people do not share our values. It is important that countries come together, the coalition continue its work; it is essential, “she has said.

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