Six men from Quebec in the select club of the 1000 blood donations

grands-donneurs-quebec-habitent-tous(Québec) They are between 53 and 71 years, are pétants health and have taken the habit of giving. Six men from the Quebec City area are now part of the select club of the 1000 blood donations at Héma-Québec.

The last in contention is the youngest, Jacques Chouinard, 53. He received a medal for his 1000 donation to Laurier Québec Globule Centre this morning. Although he works full time at the Ministry of Labour, he finds time to give every week. “I do it out of altruism, simply. For the sake of giving, “he says.

Since 2009, Michel Therien, Jacques Paquin, Jean Bernier and James Lambert were all passed the 1000 donations. André Labbé, 71, the crosses in the coming weeks, having presented too high a pressure to do this morning.

The Quebec City region is a breeding ground for major clients because its Globule center is one that accepts plasma donations since its inception, 12 years ago. All major donors are not traditional gifts, but donations of platelets or plasma, which allows them to sit in a chair of Héma-Québec between 24 and 50 times a year.

The first woman is expected to reach the 1,000 donations in the coming months. Because pregnancy and menstruation that lower iron levels in the blood, women often blood donation-related constraints.

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