Six months Liberals of “selfies” but held little promise, said Dusseault

-egoportrait-avecThe first six months of the government of Justin Trudeau in Ottawa are more used to produce egoportraits (selfies) to realize the promises made by the Liberals during the election campaign, says the NDP MP for Sherbrooke, Pierre-Luc Dusseault.

In his review of the first six months of the new government Trudeau, MP criticized the Liberals have breached their promises. “Liberal candidates in our region promised many things during the election campaign, it is clear, six months later, few commitments have resulted in concrete actions,” said NDP MP, notably by making reference to the development of the airport of Sherbrooke, dairy farmers, delivery home mail and railway safety.

In the case of the airport, he laments that “six months later, there is still no agreement to provide security controls as expected. Despite the critical importance of this issue for the economic growth of our region, the Liberals showed no measure in their budget to help small airports such as Sherbrooke. ”

Regarding dairy farmers struggling with large surpluses related to the lack of control on the import of dairy protein, the MP accused the Liberals of dragging its feet and harming estriens producers. These, he said, “lose considerable sums every week of Liberal inaction. The signing of the agreement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by the Trudeau government certainly has not reassured farmers and producers estriens. Indeed, no compensation has been announced in this folder. ”

As in the case of mail delivery at home, Dusseault MP believes that the Liberals have not gone from words to action in the case of rail safety.

“Nearly three years after the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic, concerned citizens are still waiting after news of the federal government regarding the bypass and new measures to ensure the safety in our cities,” he said.

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