Six Quebec ministers in the cabinet of Justin Trudeau

melanie-joly(Ottawa) The prime minister appointed Justin Trudeau will use a quota of at least six ministers from Quebec to give the Belle Province’s rightful place in the management of federal government affairs, but will not appoint Lieutenant policy Quebec, La Presse has learned.

The deputies of the province who are guaranteed a position in the Holy of Holies are Marc Garneau, Stéphane Dion, Mélanie Joly, in the region of Montreal, and Jean-Yves Duclos, Quebec. Diane Lebouthillier, who won the victory in the Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine, and a sixth MP, could join them.

According to reports, Mélanie Joly could be entrusted the Department of Heritage, the Liberals have used to entrust this important ministry for culture to an elected Quebec (Michel Dupuy Liza Frulla Hélène Scherrer) or bilingual deputies and Francophiles (Sheila Copps). It was impossible to confirm yesterday responsibilities to be obtained by the other elected in Quebec.

Breaking with a political tradition that goes back nearly four decades, Justin Trudeau will not appoint political lieutenant in Quebec. Result: Mr. Trudeau should exercise greater control over all the hot issues of Quebec, the role of political lieutenant has been to sort out issues to be addressed in person with the prime minister.

The post of political lieutenant has taken greater importance in the 70 All prime ministers, whatever their political allegiance, were keen to enlist the services of a lieutenant. Trudeau relied on Marc Lalonde to drive the hot issues of Quebec while Jean Chrétien had entrusted this first post to André Ouellet, then Alfonso Gagliano and then Martin Cauchon. Paul Martin had appointed Jean Lapierre at this position. For his part, Stephen Harper had three lieutenants Quebec during his reign of nearly 10 years: Lawrence Cannon, Christian Paradis and Denis Lebel.

“We were very aggressive during the last election campaign. It is expected that Justin Trudeau is also very bold in forming his cabinet, “said La Presse near the Trudeau team.

MEPs from across the country were selected by Justin Trudeau to be part of his first cabinet will indeed look like super-ministers: burdened functions, well filled mandates and obligations to respect the promises made by the Liberals during the last election campaign.

In this small cabinet – the Council of Ministers will be a maximum of 30 members, including Mr. Trudeau, 10 fewer than the office of the Conservative government of Stephen Harper – Quebec will occupy a prominent place. Especially since Quebec voters have sent a delegation of 40 Liberal members in the House of Commons on October 19 and the new Prime Minister welcomed several times since the last poll to see Quebec re-engage in the management of affairs of state.


Under a Liberal election promise, the firm will for the first time in history on the federal scene as many women as men. However remains whether the women inherit equally important responsibilities than men, especially in economic ministries.

In all, the Liberal Party has elected 50 female October 19, mainly in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. In addition, most of the selected ministers are aged 40-50 years, so that post-baby boom generation will have the levers of power for the first time. Justin Trudeau is 43 years old.

Ontario should have at least a dozen ministers. Among them should be found Bill Morneau, a respected businessman on Bay Street that could lead to head the Department of Finance, and Chrystia Freeland, other elected Toronto as part of the economic team of the Liberals, who would get Trade International. The former head of the Toronto Police Bill Blair is also tipped to be joining the firm, as the member for Mississauga-Milton, Navdeep Bains.

In the Atlantic provinces, Dominic LeBlanc (New Brunswick), Scott Brison (Nova Scotia), Sean Casey (Prince Edward Island) and Judy Foote (Newfoundland and Labrador) are essential. Mr. Brison could become Minister of Industry and end up quickly in the spotlight with the urging Quebec to see Ottawa in turn invest about a billion dollars in Bombardier.

In the western provinces, Mr. Trudeau certainly throw his sights on Ralph Goodale, former minister in the governments of Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien and the only Liberal elected in Saskatchewan. In Manitoba, MaryAnn Mihychuk, former Minister of the NDP government of the Province seems to have an edge over colleagues.

In Alberta, where the Liberals won four seats, former MLA Kent Hehr elected in Calgary Centre, would the rating with Justin Trudeau. In British Columbia, the new Liberal MP for Vancouver-Granville, Jody Wilson-Raybould, is assured of getting an important ministry. A lawyer by profession, Ms. Wilson-Raybould was also Regional Chief of the Assembly of First Nations of British Columbia.

Little information

Those who were chosen to be part of the Holy of Holies were forced to observe total silence until J or lose their jobs. Little information has filtered so far.

Also, Justin Trudeau plans to launch the new liberal era in the country with an emphasis on teamwork. Mr. Trudeau and his new ministers have arrived together by bus to attend the swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall this morning.

Instead of a parade of limousines filing ministers in turn before the entrance of the residence of the Governor General, Mr. Trudeau and his ministers will travel all the long tree-lined driveway. In another first, the public is invited to attend the ceremony.

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