Small sweet pleasures

programmation-festival-toutAfter seven years of existence, the Sherbrooke Small pleasures are part of the spring landscape almost as much as the sugar shack. To start programming the festival candy yesterday Side scene and its partners thus received maple mode. With plaid shirt, taffy on snow and wood decor. The metaphor is simple but no less revealing: Chapter sweets that delight toddlers, there is the sweet sap. But there is also theater, dance and culture in all its variations.

The family event that will take place from 24 April to 8 May in various venues offers a fortnight of activities for young children and their families. The excerpts presented yesterday on the big screen imagent how the shows will be varied. Most importantly, they suggest the best.

“We always put the quality of the productions, what is best for the young audience. The entertainment offer is for both young babies as the largest of six. We’re going in different directions, making our festival an appointment difficult to summarize, “says Lilie Bergeron, CEO of Side scene.

Result: you must take a look at the program. The cultural offer is generous and rich theatrical proposals that invite themselves puppets of all kinds (Ogo The crank bench Lou memory, Ignored roads, among others). She gave way to dance, too, with the dream of Pandora production which fuses contemporary dance and traditional dance and to be followed by a workshop in which children apprivoiseront Quebec gigue.

Four workshops given by local artists, are also at the menu this year. Themed activities will also progress at the Éva-Senécal library well as Museum of Nature and Science. At the House of Cinema Sherbrooke, we propose a movie matinee pajamas during which will be presented five animated shorts from the NFB.

Dare to participate

Elyse Bruneau, communications officer at the Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke, invites parents to exceed potential concerns. She says that while she bathes in creating children for seven years, she herself had some reservations about the idea of ​​bringing his chip 11 months to the theater for the first time during the 2013 Small pleasures.

“I was asking myself the questions that haunt all parents: she will babble during the performance? She will be afraid in the diving hall in the dark? Will she like it? Finally, when the lights went out, the magic worked. My daughter was caught by history. I spent the whole show to watch it, to enjoy this beautiful time we lived together. The artists who create for children are professionals who know their business. What they propose is custom built for children. ”
All programming details:

The middle room: coming soon?

Chairman of the scene Side of the Board, Normand Chouinard emphasizes that the omens are good for Sherbrooke has finally its intermediate viewing room. The project, that dream door for some years, has experienced delays, but it is ongoing.

“We are pleased to say it beforehand. We caught up for lost time. There was a change of government and when it happens, always readjust. Reinsurance should be about the seriousness and feasibility of the project. We proved it all municipal officials, politicians and the people who will provide the capital. We have already announced that we had collected $ 550,000 on our goal of one million dollars. It has not stopped since, it is going well. We will resume shortly committees necessary for the smooth running of the project. I have no date to announce, but in a few months, you should hear from us, see tenders go. ”

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