SMEs: a decrease in the tax rate is required

1092597 (1)In four days of the budget of Quebec, many associations come together to ask the government to back down on its decision to increase the tax rate for small businesses from three employees or less and, secondly, to lower the rates of all SMEs.

The Construction Association of Quebec, the Canadian and Quebec Tips retail, and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, in particular, unite their voices to lobby Quebec.

Thus, consolidation requires firstly that small businesses of three employees or less are not subject to a higher tax rate, which would increase from 8 to 11.8%. The associations believe that such an increase may have significant impacts and major consequences for many of them. It is often businesses started by young people in the sectors of construction and services.

The grouping also wants a lower tax rate for all SMEs in 8 to 4%. He recalled that Quebec SMEs are taxed at more than twice the average in the rest of Canada, which is 3%.

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