Snowfighters association denies serve as a screen for collusion

lundi-bureau-inspecteur-general-bigDescribed by the Inspector General of Montreal as a meeting place for snow removal collusionnaires, the Association of Quebec snow removal contractors (AEDQ) defends serve as a screen for collusion. The organization invites me to come Denis Gallant attend its meetings to see for himself.

On Monday, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of Montreal published a report stating that the collusion was still underway in the snow removal industry of the metropolis. The document stated that entrepreneurs were more vigilant since the work of the Charbonneau commission, but continue to be. No more telephone meetings or restaurant and emails, they would meet instead “at a street corner or in a vehicle to not attract attention.”

One way to gather without attracting attention is precisely to take advantage of dating the AEDQ, according to the survey of BIG. “The meetings of the Association of Quebec snow removal contractors are also identified by some witnesses, to a lesser extent, as a meeting place for entrepreneurs collusionnaires. The annual general meeting of the board of that association would somehow opportunities to meet under official cover. ”

The AEDQ rejects these accusations. “We refute categorically any involvement of the association, by our official authorities or otherwise to any collusion scheme whatsoever,” says General Manager Mario Trudeau. The organization calls on the Inspector General Denis Gallant to participate “in each of our meetings and to send us any recommendations it deems appropriate.”

The association ensures be favorable to free competition that everyone has free access to various public markets. “Our ethics code, in effect since last year, explicitly states compliance with competition laws,” says Trudeau.

Recall that the OIG heard from sixty snow removal contractors and decided to alert the Competition Bureau of Canada to make an inquiry. According to him, twenty entrepreneurs working in Montreal have concluded pacts of non-aggression and complacency would submit bids to divide the territory. Threats, vandalism and intimidation were also reported him.

The AEDQ was founded in 1975 and brings together the main snow removal contractors working in the Montreal area.

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