Social assistance: more than $ 100,000 in debt for defrauding Quebec

money(Quebec) A social assistance provider who has made false statements to the government has accumulated debts of more than $ 140,000 to the government. If a “non-standard” that is however not unique, show data obtained by La Presse as 13 people owe more than $ 100,000 to the government for fraud relating to the last-resort assistance. Snapshot and explanations.

The 13 largest debts for misrepresentation relating to the assistance of last resort

140 $ 708.91
137 $ 695.81
130 $ 368.23
125 $ 419.06
122 $ 513.48
121 $ 906.26
121 $ 892.30
114 $ 914.10
114 $ 082.37
113 $ 392.63
110 $ 954.04
104 $ 007.69
103 $ 375.55
Cases “outsized”

The benefit for a person receiving social assistance was about $ 615 a month last year and a little over $ 930 for recipients of social solidarity with severe employment constraints. How do some people have accumulated such high debts? The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity does not comment on individual cases. But his spokesman, David McKeown, notes that some providers have been caught making false statements during a long period, for example by hiding employment income. “A person who combines a high debt can defrauding the Department significantly over several years, says Mr. McKeown. This would be the most likely scenario regarding those debts then. “He said that the debts exceeding $ 100,000 were cases” outside the norm “.

$ 5,000
The average debt of providers of last resort assistance who make false statements to the government.
No additional penalties

The Ministry follows a procedure to recover the amounts owed to it because of false statements. Offenders can repay their debt gradually, sometimes even their benefits. The spokesman of the Ministry, David McKeown, argues it would be “against-productive” to impose additional fines to those who make false statements. “We’re in a situation where there are two issues, he says. On one side, we have a duty to ensure that payments go to the right people, an issue of sound management of public funds. On the other hand, it is certain that they are sometimes people who may have difficulties in repaying debts. Even if they have made a false statement, they may be in a precarious situation. ”


Many providers of last resort assistance who owed money to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity for making false statements in 2014-2015. Of these, 2970 are in the island of Montreal.
$ 82,992,784

Total amounts owed to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity in connection with false statements in 2014-2015. The debts accumulated by residents of the island of Montreal were about 15 million.

Claims for misrepresentation of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity

2005-2006: $ 84,919,366
2006-2007: $ 68,746,197
2007-2008: $ 69 790 260
2008-2009: $ 68,048,553
2009-2010: $ 68,650,037
2010-2011: $ 77,891,584
2011-2012: $ 70,797,183
2012-2013: $ 75,056,168
2013-2014: $ 86,481,357
2014-2015: $ 82,992,784
Estimated number of households receiving last resort financial assistance programs in Quebec in November 2015. This is a decrease of 1.6% compared to the previous year.
$ 234,975,000

Estimate the total benefit paid under last resort financial assistance programs in Quebec (November 2015).

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