Solidarity march for Haitians in Montreal

manifestation-contre-deportation-haitiens-zimbabweensPoliticians and activists want to pressure the government of Canada to take action to help people of Haitian descent threatened with deportation in the Dominican Republic.

Dozens of people demonstrated Saturday afternoon in Montreal to denounce the decision of the Dominican Republic to massively deport Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent who live on its territory.

Cathia Cariotte, spokesman Unite committee / Let’s Unite, said that several thousand descendants of Haitians became stateless in 2013. A ruling of the Dominican Constitutional Court had removed the children of Haitian immigrants their Dominican citizenship .

Since then, about 288,000 of the 458,000 descendants of Haitians in the Dominican Republic have managed to naturalize. But since last month, tens of thousands of people began to be deported to Haiti, the neighboring countries where many of these stateless had never set foot before.

The organizers of the march wrote to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to denounce the deportations. A member of the Parti Québécois intends to present to the National Assembly a motion to that effect this fall.

The Unite committee calls Canadians to boycott any tourist activity in the Dominican Republic and to refrain from buying products from that country.

Ms. Cariotte also asks the Haitian government to put in place the structures needed to properly accommodate the flood of people arriving from the Dominican Republic.

Solidarity marches also took place Saturday in other cities, including Toronto, New York, Miami and Paris.

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