Songs polished shoes

corneille-roch-voisineIn launching the project Forever Gentlemen Quebec, Corneille, Roch Voisine and Garou knew they could hit the bullseye. Or make potato. They had considered two possibilities, but they had never imagined that success would be at this point in the appointment. After a first round of sold out shows in Sherbrooke launched last fall, additional add up to March 2017. The Bell Centre opened its their big stage Wednesday. The disc has almost reached the threshold of 80,000 copies sold. It’s big, really big.

“We are especially pleased that it is a success who has made himself, through word-of-mouth” expresses Cornelius, who had not done shows in Quebec long before board the locomotive of Gentlemen.

The idea of this concept braided with the songs of the crooners of the 1950s and 1960s was born in France, there are already five years. It took a lot of time before the many voices to disk project to succeed there.

“This kind of thing uniting several people, it is always complicated to start because everybody is informed first of which will be there. It must then coordinate thereafter as the agenda of all these people, “said Roch Voisine.

In Europe, launched the appeal has snowballed. Dany Brillant, Gad Elmaleh, Paul Anka and Michael Bublé are some of those who raised their hands to be grafted to the equipped. A first drive and then a second have delighted listeners. The tour, it was not so obvious to consider. There were too many times to be arranged.

“We, we wanted to come out here. It was all coordinated to launch the album along with the tour. ”

Swing and good humor

In the process, the three performers were pleased by building a large-scale show where the swing, good humor and a certain casualness color the staging.

“We each have our voice, our universe, but we share this casual side that it does not take itself too seriously. It was inspired by the Rat Pack to find the tone and the type of humor that colors the show. Lots of fun and fun -There is contagious, I think, “says Cornelius.

This complicity between the three singers accounts for much of the pleasure they have to share the stage. It is all the more valuable it might not be at the rendezvous.

“Let it be heard as well, it’s a nice coincidence because it knows that it is a concept that could collapse. Three artists each with their careers, their repertoire, their world and their ego, it could have set the table for much friction. It was the three of our habits and routines, but we had to find a way to work together to serve a directory that was not ours, mixing our public. It was almost start from scratch, but by happy coincidence, we had gone to the same place and everything is placed naturally. They had in common the desire to have fun and passion for the directory. The chemistry was installed alone, the songs were awarded without chicane, easily, “says Cornelius.

In such a context, where the rapture to the whole tour is as much an appointment that the public in the halls, the elegant trio is he tempted to keep the bow tie and polished shoes to embark on the Adventure of a second album?

“I make no official announcement, but we are watching all this confirms Roch Voisine. It is thought that people would love. And we also, since such a project brings us elsewhere without slowing our solo projects. ”

Nostalgia blanket

The public love for the crooners directory is undeniable. The times of the success of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. cartonnent every time. Like many other trends fished in our past recent or that resurface in recent years. All this has much to do with the hectic lifestyle of ours, think Roch Voisine.

“Nostalgia is the great remedy to what is happening with our music industry. It announced the new half-hour. We have no time to find an artist that’s another happens. It’s all too quickly. We have no time to form memories rooted in music. Everything changes too quickly. By instinct, by need, people cling to what existed before, what exists long time. ”

Please grandiose!

Tours like those organized Forever Gentlemen, there is practically no more. The three singers have skimped on any details to make their lap a blockbuster show. The three performers are accompanied by a big band of 11 musicians, which includes the Townships guitarist Mike Goudreau. They carry around a set that has the stylish, they wanted to infuse the grand tour.

“Singing at the Bell Centre is already symbolic. Back in different cities for more, it’s great! It’s not so easy to fill a room. The audience is never to take for granted, “say Cornelius and Roch Voisine, returning a few weeks to tour Europe with the rest of the cast of Forever Gentlemen.

They could be tempted to cancel the series of shows that were scheduled on the other side of the Atlantic. Others did after the attacks at the Bataclan.

“We did not see. What the terrorists want is just to scare people. We could not give in to that. But we felt the impact of the drama during the tour. ”

There was this Saturday night, among others, where in all of Brussels were the only ones to give a concert.

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