Sonia Blanchette was determined to die in cell

sonia-blanchetteThe report of the coroner Langelier Denyse is formal, Sonia Blanchette was determined to die in the cell and took the physical and legal means to get there. She died of starvation after a young four months precisely.

Accused of the death of his three children, Blanchette was in custody at the Tanguay prison awaiting trial. Considering that his chances of being found innocent were absent, she notified her family that she intended to end his life and the way she chose to go was fasting.

“On 26 November 2014, she wrote a letter in which she asks that we respect his right to die and that his decision to end his life by ceasing to feed is irrevocable. She wants that uses no medical technology to power and prolong his days. She refuses food, which assisted hydration fluids, intravenous feeding, force-feeding and your dietary supplements. She obtained legal advice on the right to die, “said the coroner.

Prison authorities have fulfilled their mandate asking that the accused be seen by psychiatrists to assess his mental state and at the same time, its ability to make such a decision. She made four visits to the Pinel Institute during his two years of imprisonment.

“There is no evidence of major depressive illness or psychotic disorder.”

Psychiatrists have determined that it was able to decide his fate.

“Psychiatrists have a diagnosis of adjustment disorder with anxious and depressed mood with aggressive traits and obsessive passive personality. There is no evidence of major depressive illness or psychotic disorder. After interviewing Ms. Blanchette, psychiatrists concluded that she understands the consequences of not eating and your consequences of not receiving all appropriate treatments, that is to say, his death, “says Langelier in his report.

Showing signs of weakness, the accused is sent once at the Sacred Heart Hospital on December 4. As his condition does not justify urgent care she returned to the Tanguay prison. It will be transported a second and last time to the hospital on December 19 to receive comfort care.

“The doctor of the Sacred Heart Hospital has obtained a copy of the evaluation by the psychiatrist Pinel. In accordance with the choice expressed by Ms. Blanchette, a plan is drawn up by the hospital to ensure that its refusal to eat is respected. comforts of care is provided to him until his death, when she is surrounded by her loved ones, “said the coroner.

A carefully prepared triple murder

Recall that the investigation by the Surete du Quebec revealed that Sonia Blanchette had carefully planned the murder of his three children: Laurelie, Loïc and Anaïs, December 2, 2012, in his Turcotte Street apartment in Drummondville.

In the weeks preceding the day of the tragedy, it has not exercised its right of supervised visit it could exercise once every two weeks. Dissatisfied with what he had authorized the Court, it had decided that the children’s father, Patrick Desautels would also not allowed to see them.

As anticipated the judgment of the Court, Sonia Blanchette came up with his mother Nicole Grenier at the family home in order to pick his children around 8 am.

Once at the apartment, they do various activities. Then, around 10 am 15, she takes advantage of the ignorance of his mother supervised childcare concept, as well as his kindness to be alone with her three victims.

In order not to be disturbed at the time to put his plan into action, knowing that her mother had the key to enter the apartment, Sonia Blanchette puts the chain on the front door and put a chair to clutter the back door.

She then ran a bath. First she undresses Loïc while the girls play in another room, and long enough for it overwhelms the drowning. She then bundle up in a towel and put it on his bed

She repeats the exercise with Laurélie, its oldest. Without out of the tub, she recidivism last time, with Anaïs, 2 years old, too young to understand her grisly fate.

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