Special education: the case far from unique Eloi

(Quebec) “Well, another” sighed Brigitte Dube, co-founder of the Coalition of parents of children with special needs, when she read in The Sun’s story Eloi (fictitious name). According to her, the number of children “left behind” in schools explodes.

Parents of Eloi – which has several disorders, including dysphasia and hyperactivity – continuing the school board Navigators for $ 245,000. They accuse him of having “knowingly slowed development” of their child by not providing the tools and support needed for success.

“The school board Navigators she reputation. I would say that it is problematic to deal with it when you have a child with special needs. You have to want to fight, “says Dubé, mother of an autistic child and another hyperactive.

Brigitte Dubé has itself filed a complaint with the school board, which she will not yet disclose details. If the situation is not resolved, “it could end in court,” she says, resigned.

According to her, these are not political Navigators problematic, but rather how students with social maladjustments or learning disabilities (special needs) are supervised daily. “What is written in black and white if it was applied, there would be not a problem.”

Because it is complicated and expensive to provide personalized services to these students, the school board would tend to give up. “When they do not come in a box or in a standard, they are not sure where to put them,” believes Ms. Dubé.

An effect of the cuts

For the PQ member Alexandre Cloutier, the case of Eloi is an example “absolutely terrible” consequences of hundreds of millions of dollars that were cut by the Liberals in education in recent years. “The austerity policies have ensured that it is the most vulnerable who pay the price of our system,” he responds.

According to him, this child should have a more personalized follow-up, while hundreds of jobs speech therapists, psychologists and psycho to have been lost in the public network for two years.

“For me, it is inevitable that more and more cases that are before the courts. Parents are after their use. The access to education and free education are rights, “Mr. Cloutier.

One who aspires to become PQ leader promises a reinvestment of $ 500 million per year in the education system. He also wants to review the policy on integration of pupils, which has not been done for 15 years. “It was never standardized, it is left to the discretion of the different school boards, which means that services to children with special needs vary greatly from one school board to another. There must be a minimum of rules. ”

In 2014, in Quebec, the graduation rate of students with special needs was 45% after seven years in high school.

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