Spin-O-Max: two causes, one goal

athletes-club-cyclone-almaHelping young people will be in the foreground, on April 10th. The sixth edition of the Spin-O-Max will aim to financially support the mountain bike club Cyclone Alma and foundation The Friends of Emile, two Alma agencies that help in their own way and support the development of youth .

The objective of this activity is to raise $ 20,000 which will be distributed equitably to both groups. Registration is done at a cost of $ 25 for a sixth consecutive year, the Spin-O-Max will be held at La Cage Alma. Approximately 60 bicycles will be provided by Alma College and Seminary Mary Queen of Clergy.

“We have athletes who excel on the international stage as Catherine Fleury and Leandre Bouchard, but also a concern for development that is strong, said the coach of the Storm Alma club, Jude Dufour. Yes it takes talent, but it also takes the financial support and activity as the Spin-O-Max allows us to maintain our quality of development. With us, you do not play the victim of remoteness and I think it paid off. To do this, we need the contribution of the environment and it responded so far. ”


Dr. Charles Fournier was the foundation The Friends of Emile at the conference Monday. He said that the Spin-O-Max was the biggest fundraiser of the foundation present at the Alma hospital, accompanying sick children using equipment purchases or Technical Support youth.

“I too have an athlete presents with me, little maelie, who was diagnosed with leukemia, testified Dr. Fournier. She goes into the bedroom of Emile Friends and other children also need support. This year, the purchase of an apnea monitor for newborns who dangers of breathing is our next major project for the Department of Pediatrics. We are extremely pleased with the partnership with the Cyclone club since in their way, our two organizations serve the youth. ”

VIP Spinning

The honorary presidency was entrusted to Christel Simard-Monast Monast Simard-Beaulac Notaries, and Keyven Ferland, owner of the Web Shop. Both business personalities aim to attract companies in the sector to register for a session of 50 minutes of spinning, the amount of $ 250.

“I first honored to support the foundation Friends of Emile because you never know when illness can strike, reacted Ms. Simard-Monast. I do not forget the Cyclone Club, which I think is a great pride for our sector. It is a success that is palpable and it is for this reason that we must continue to help. ”

Keyven Ferland was also delighted to contribute. “People often measure the dynamism of a medium in its ability to achieve great things, whether the achievement of goals or cure of disease, he noted. Business People here are involved and care about the development of our athletes and our children. ”

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