Sports Canada cut funding to Diane Roy

garde-toujours-espoirDiane Roy knew the bad news last December. She immediately appealed his case. In vain. She will thus receive no financial support from Sport Canada for 2016, Olympic year to boot.

“Every year we are patented by Sports Canada. I always did the right thing. But last year I gave birth. In addition to 45 years … So I have no patent in 2015-16. I know the decision in December and I immediately went to appeal their decision. But I did not win, “she said Wednesday in La Tribune.

“I still performed very reasonably since my return to competition, but that was not enough for them, according to their standards or criteria. And I think I did better than many other athletes. I got my license last year in passing in the category ” injury ” but it’s been disallowed for this year. ”

If money is the sinews of war for all amateur sports, this is even more true for Paralympic athletes.

If Diane Roy always hopeful to participate in the Paralympic Games in Rio next summer, she knows that without the financial support of Sport Canada, the task will not be easy.


Recall that Diane Roy won one silver and four bronze medals during his participation in the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens and 2008 in Beijing.

Last summer, she won gold in the 800m and bronze in the 400 at the Para Pan American Games, played in Toronto.

“It is certain that the selection for the next game will be difficult, but I will do everything to get there anyway. As I saw the situation develop for several months, I jumped the gun and I put money aside. I am also indebted. I want to do to qualify. ”

“Fortunately, Sport Excellence Sherbrooke (ESS), and my Parasport Quebec sponsorship Global Excel, supporting me for many years, have not dropped me. It does not give a salary, but it helps a lot; must know how to plan. ”

Diane Roy was in Florida for a month and up to mid-April, in preparation for the Boston Marathon.

“I subsequently a major competition in Switzerland in late May where there will be more competitors. I have to attend these events to classify expect me to Rio. ”

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