SPVM: threat of massive retirements among executives

ville-montreal-intention-vider-banqueAppointed three months ago, the new chief of the SPVM, Philippe Jug, already faces its first major crisis. The Press has learned from various sources that executives, perhaps even dozens of the 125 that the police force account, threaten to retire or ask to be demoted to become unionized by the end of the year.

The reason: the City of Montreal has announced last week its intention to empty their accumulated time banks and pre-retirement and pay by check hours at once or, at best, in two installments on 1 January 2016 and 2017.

The City would like to erase and liabilities of several million contained in the budget for years. This is not the first time that such a measure is in the air, but this time the administration Coderre-Marcoux, who announced last week the anticipated surplus of 53 million in 2015, would have decided to go forward, since it has the necessary funds, we did they say.

There is anger

And suddenly receive a large sum of money is not taxable would suit the Police Executive, who accumulate 26 to 30 years of service and had otherwise planned their retirement and early retirement, according to a staggered taxation.

“For managers, it is an arbitrary decision from their employer that they take as an affront, so they were asked previously to accumulate their time instead of being paid. Their feeling is that they are not respected. ”

“Since last week, this is the only topic of conversation executives and the atmosphere is zero. The Professional Association executive officers (APOD), which represents managers, is in high demand and there were even weekend meetings. There are calculators that are go, “a source told us.

Tomorrow afternoon, in a ballroom east of Montreal, will be held the first meeting between the chief and his officers Pitcher. The discussions promise to be lively. “The subject will surely emerge as the first item on the agenda, even if it is not necessarily what is expected. The leader of flexibility is zero, “did they tell us.

According to reports, the director would have accepted the request of the city when he was appointed, presumably in an effort to lead by example, but obviously, the gesture does not seem to snowball.

It is not known the total amount represents all the hours and days accumulated in the banks, but in extreme cases it could reach half a million and serve a phased early retirement of more than three years.

According to our sources, the City, who owns the time banks and who has the management, did not intend to retreat and would impose this measure SPVM managers and white-collar workers, the fiscal year ending December 31.

The City would also like the SPVM continues to provide vehicles to its executives.

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