SQ investigating a spill of an unknown substance

provenance-deversementThe Surete du Quebec in the Drummond RCM investigating the spill of an unknown nature of substance occurred during Tuesday morning, along the 5 th of Saint- Germain-de-Grantham, about thirty meters from highway 20.

“The substance has not been identified yet. We are trying to identify its nature and its origin. The investigation is ongoing and we are limited in the information that we disclose to not harm them, “said the spokesman of the SQ in the Eastern Townships, Aurélie Guindon.

To give a hand to Drummondville investigators, the police force has dispatched its legal identity service. The potentially toxic substance was found in a series of containers.

It was not possible to know if some of them had been gutted or overturned, releasing their contents potentially toxic in nature.

It is a citizen informed the police of the presence of these containers at the roadside.

Recall that it was the second time in recent weeks that found chemicals roadside in the Drummondville area.

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