SQ picks a suspect after a marathon pursuit

main-suspect-plusieursAfter a race of almost two hours, the Surete du Quebec have arrested an individual who seemed to roam and search the vehicle doors.

The intervention took place during the night of Wednesday to Thursday and would allow the resolution of ten dossiers intrusion on private property, theft and attempted theft from vehicles.

It is the vigilance of a citizen patrol allowed to realize this dragnet. Seeing two individuals of suspicious appearance, the witness contacted the Sûreté du Québec who moved quickly on the scene. The first suspect went without resistance, but the second became the trunk.

“The police have located one in the Street area of ​​the Pines in the following times, then the second suspect was located later in the area of ​​Fabre Street, after a working raking” says the door Floor-to Aurélie Guindon SQ.

The two suspects, aged 23 and 27, now face justice in connection with this investigation.

The Surete du Quebec reminds citizens of the importance of locking their door vehicle in order to guard against this type of crime.

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