SQ takes over Obedjiwan

1166538Since midnight Friday, the Public Security Service Obedjiwan are technically more. The 22 policemen Aboriginal reserves are no longer in office after an agreement between the community and the Government of Quebec has not been renewed. Both parties had to agree before midnight, something that has not been made.

A formal request was sent to the MRC Domaine-du-Roy in order to appeal to the Sûreté du Québec to ensure the police service.

“Without a renewal agreement, our body police no longer exists and is no longer in the laws for the service, said the head of the Obedjiwan community, Christian Awashish, joined Thursday night by The Daily. Obviously, the community would come to an agreement quickly and that is why we ask the government to be able to hear and we can regain our police force. It remains our goal. ”

Turnaround situation

Awashish was disappointed by the turn of events, especially as an agreement seemed about to intervene. A report from the Sûreté du Québec even recognize the Obedjiwan police.

“It’s a bit flat because we had a meeting with the Quebec government on Wednesday aspects of the agreement were worked for a long time, but there has been a turnaround, lamented Christian Awashish. It has finally hooked and for us, it became unacceptable. The government was committed to take on the deficits of the past two years, and on Wednesday he did not want to meet this commitment there. As a community, we can not afford it because it affects other essential services. We can not afford to jeopardize more. ”

From now on, the Aboriginal community work on political representations to ask the government to respect its commitments. “We were told that it is the Treasury Board that has the upper hand,” the chief said, adding that the federal government will eventually have to do its part.

“We want to remind them to reason since, because of the cultural context and language, the only appropriate police force is ours,” commented Christian Awashish.

It was not possible to communicate with a government Couillard Thursday night.

For its part, the Sûreté du Québec said in the evening that the transfer of police authority was in the plans, but could not comment on the information.

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