St. Andrew Chapel rebuilt

saint-andrew-kenogamiThe Church of St. Andrew, burned in September by a criminal hand, will be reconstructed.

The small evangelical chapel located at 3848 King George in the Kénogami sector, is the property of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, a movement with 430 churches in Canada and thirty Quebec. His pastor, Douglas Schroeder-Tabah, welcomes the involvement of the City in this matter. If all goes as planned, a new temple will open at the end of the summer.

Douglas-Tabah Schroeder recently learned that the insurance company agrees to pay the cost of a new construction, a project whose total bill reaches $ 325,000. If he has momentarily been talk of erecting the new building on the existing foundation, this option was discarded, given the venerable age of foundations and architectural changes proposed. It must be said that the chapel greatly advanced in age at the time of the fire. The temple was already present in the territory of Jonquière, possibly in Rang Saint-André, before being moved in 1926. Next to the Kenogami Curling Club, the chapel has long belonged to the Anglican community in the area.

Saguenay has agreed to pay the fees of the architect Luc Fortin, who drew the plans at a cost of $ 4,200. The building had been cited by heritage Saguenay last few years, but its owners were not obliged to respect the original architecture. That said, the Schroeder-Tabah pastor and citizen sector wanted to recover a building evoking the past.

“I like that in life, there is the law and there is grace. It has no legal obligation to do it like that. But we believe that people around would like a building that looks like a chapel. We are blessed to own land that has a vested right to have a place of worship. As long as rebuild, we will have something white, possibly made of wood, “said the pastor, who also owns the trade specialty mattresses and futons.

The Jonquière has also approved the construction project, dependent on a few cadastral changes.


The future will have a temple bell. That said, the bell of the chapel recovered after the fire will not find refuge. The today’s engineering standards would add considerable cost to the project, a sum that small religious community can not afford to pay. Douglas Schroeder-Tabah however considering making a monument could be erected in front of the Shrine. Original stained glass windows, doors and pews have also been recovered. These elements rich in history will most likely be highlighted in the new building, where organizations are welcome.

“We approach the project like building a community center. Our vision is that this is a parish church. It must be open to all. Whether you are religious or not, there is a sense of belonging to the chapel to its historicity. The population is in agreement with the construction project. The building lacks the people and saw sparks in the eyes of citizens around waiting for it to be rebuilt, “says the English-speaking Montrealers who chose to settle in the area several years ago with his wife Judith.

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