St. Augustine: Sylvie Asselin dream to run as councilor

sylvie-asselin(Quebec) Defeat in the election for mayor in 2015, Sylvie Asselin does not rule out accepting the proposal of its former adversary, the mayor Sylvain Juneau, and to apply as councilor in the general election in 2017.

One that will leave shortly post office director of the Conservative MP for Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier, Joel Godin, confessed to the Sun that the policy was still in it after attempts as a consultant in 2013 and mayor in 2015. She obtained 32.32% of the vote for mayor against 34.32% for Sylvain Juneau.

“If I had not brought me to the town hall, I probably would have voted for Sylvain. His ideas and his constituents are very similar to mine. It is only a little more “sloppy” “Has she said, laughing about the man she says greatly respect as a politician. “It is not impossible to have my name on the ballot in the next election,” she added.

Mayor Juneau Thursday invited his former opponent to submit his candidacy by saying that even if he had no intention of forming an official political party, it would eventually support the nominations of candidates with whom he had an affinity.

“I sincerely hope that one of the projects [Ms. Asselin] will come to contribute to the rebuilding of our city and invite the citizens of St. Augustine to contact large numbers to show him their support a possible candidacy of him as an advisor. His constant commitment to the community is well known and appreciated us. She was also one of the first to sound the alarm response to the financial meltdown of St. Augustine a few years ago. It deserves the confidence of Augustinois; mine is acquired him, “wrote the mayor in a message he sent to the media.

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