St-Camille: several thousands of ducks perished

propane-complique-tacheTwo huge 1000 liter propane tanks were difficult for the firefighters of St. Camillus who coordinated the fire extinguishing operation Canars building Brome Lake.

Approximately 4,500 ducks died in the barn of Miquelon street that is a total loss.

As firefighters arrived around 4:30 on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the building was in flashover and fire heated the propane tanks.

“In addition to two tanks of 1000 liters, there were two of 200 liters. We adopted a defensive mode pending the experts who confirmed that we could move safely, “said Lt. Tommy Dubois of Wotton Fire Department who assisted the firefighters Saint-Camille.

Pascal Brien is the house near the farm building was in flames.

“Firefighters have asked us to evacuate. We felt that it was urgent. There was no way that we can pass the burning building. We had to make a detour of 12 km to enable us to my mother who lives on the other side. There was a great danger that the propane tanks explode because the entire facade of the buildings where are located the propane tank was in flames, “said Mr. Brien.

In case of explosion, there was risk that flying debris over two kilometers.

A wide area evacuation was therefore established around one of the company’s farms Brome Lake Ducks Miquelon located on the road to Saint-Camille.

Mike Peters is the owner of one of the six evacuated homes.

“The police came knocking at my house around 5:30. We were asked to evacuate because of the risk of explosion of the propane tanks. We went to park about two kilometers until they can reinstate our home around 8 am, “says Mike Peters.

Restricted traffic on the road Miquelon given the numerous return of fire tankers. The area is not served by the aqueduct.

Stoke the fire, of Trois Monts, Dudswell, Weedon and Wotton assist their colleagues from Saint-Camille in this intervention.

This is the second time in recent months that a duck livestock building Brome Lake is a victim of a fire.

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