Stanley Cup in Saint-Agapit: a symbolic celebration for Antoine Vermette

ca-ete-exceptionnel-hauteur-reve(Quebec) The delivery was scheduled for June 17, same date that a hypothetical seventh game that has not occurred since the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, two days earlier. And the day after the parade of champions of the NHL, the wife of Antoine Vermette gave birth to the couple’s second child. Without a doubt, Vermette will never forget the last weeks!

Monday afternoon, Antoine Vermette held a press conference at Complexe Seigneurie de Saint-Agapit to announce details of the visit of precious trophy on Saturday.

“It’ll be hard to beat, it was a very intense period,” confirmed the player from Saint-Agapit, Monday afternoon on the sidelines of a press conference held at Complexe Signoria in his native municipality for the announce details of the visit of the coveted trophy on Saturday.

Four days before to be in the delivery room to see the birth of Emilia, Vermette celebrated the Stanley Cup on the ice at the United Center. The dream of the boy Lotbinière became reality.

“It was fantastic, it was at the height of the dream. It’s so hard to win the Stanley Cup, it is not given to everyone, and there are exceptional players who have not won. I am blessed to have been able to. ”

Saturday from 13h to 13h30, the population of Saint-Agapit, the MRC de Lotbinière and Québec region is invited to the party which will take place on the arena parking lot G.-H.-Vermette, appointed honor of his grandfather. A special gathering for the player who celebrated his 33rd birthday on Monday.

“I have not had the chance to know him, but I find it symbolic of bringing the Stanley Cup in the back yard of the arena where I started playing and that bears his name. I realized a big dream, it is time to share it with as many people as possible, “said the hero of Saturday 25 July.

Important person

Georges-Henri Vermette was an important figure in Saint-Agapit. Before the mayor of this municipality now counting 4,200 souls, there was a businessman, founder of the Dairy Vermette. He had particularly helped fund the arena that bears his name.

What would he say to his little son today? “He would probably say to him: bravo, my boy,” replied the Mayor Sylvie Fortin, the municipality will deliver a plaque to commemorate this historic Antoine day.

Several members of his family, including his mother and sister still live in Saint-Agapit. In its own way, Antoine is involved in the community through the All-Star Golf Tournament, whose profits are donated to the Fondation Philippe Boucher, another son of Lotbinière who won the Stanley Cup in 2009.

“I had a good reason to miss the tournament the other day, the guys understand … I find it important to be involved in the region, our status comes with a share of social responsibilities and it touches me know I can be a source of motivation. So celebrate with the population, it’s really special. I would like the Stanley Cup longer, but I will try to minimize the number of people disappointed not to have the chance to see it up close. ”

Phoenix: a good marriage for the family
Traded on February 28 to the Chicago Blackhawks for defenseman Klas Dahlbeck and a first-round pick, Antoine Vermette returns to Phoenix next season, where he signed a two year contract with the Coyotes as a free agent. A chance of life that could not be better.

In fact, the center of six-foot-one had not planned the turn of events. Initially, it did not require an exchange, but saw that the Coyotes would opt for this solution since becoming a free agent.

“I had never been a free agent, it was the first time I was living day 1 July. There were several positives for me to go back there, I know the environment in terms of hockey. For the whole family, this is a good marriage, I still have my home, this is a beautiful place to live. ”

Author of the winning goals in the first and fifth games of the finals against Tampa Bay, Vermette has not had it easy in Chicago, his relationship with head coach Joel Quenneville is not rosy.

“Nothing against” Quenneville

“I have nothing against him, but I would be lying to say that I agree with every decision. But we have accomplished something special, it is bound for life, “said one who thought of the Stanley Cup from the first day he landed in Chicago.

“I believed from the start that we had the chance to win the Stanley Cup. When a team picks a player of experience is that it aspires to honors. I looked at the quality of the alignment of the Blackhawks and I thought we had the club to win it all. ”

He savored the moment with his family. The veterans, led by Jonathan Toews, gave him early Stanley Cup on the ice, he enjoyed attention.

“We motivates and prepares to lift it, and when it happens, you think of his family. And then there is the parade. It has beautiful view image, it is even more wonderful to live, to feel the support of the people and the energy from it. ”

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