Star Wars 8: An emblematic character soon back?

star-wars-7-le-reveil-de-la-force-posterIt is with growing impatience that the fans wait to discover more in depth Luke Skywalker in this new opus. But another character who has marked the saga also occupies their thoughts …
It was only at the very end of the Revival of the Force that Leia’s brother finally made his return for the greatest excitement of the audience. A short appearance that announces great things for the continuation and a rediscovery of the character in the next section. Moreover Luke’s first replica in Star Wars 8 would have leaké stirring the curiosity of all. If it is assured that the jedi will have a place of choice in the film, it remains a character of great impatience that many fans would like to find on the screen. This is Obi-Wan Kenobi embodied in the prequels by Ewan Mcgregor. The rumors and hypotheses of a future return were already on the web and the recent information given by Anthony Breznican of Entertainment Weekly have enough to give hope back to the fans! During a podcast with Rebel Force Radio, the reporter said Obin Wan could point his nose in a short time.

When the first rumors announced a spin-off for the Jedi master, Anthony Breznican suggested that it had not yet taken place for a major reason: “I heard rumors that the main reason for the absence of Spin-off on Obi Wan is that the production did not finish with the character in the main saga.I would not be surprised to see something related to Obi Wan (like a spin-off) happened after the episode 9. What should be done since the saga is assured until this episode “. Until then we will surely have learned in Star Wars 8 whether Rey belongs to a royal family or not! The reporter adds, “I think Rey has some sort of connection with him, something family, if that’s the case, it might be developed in a future spin-off, and Ewan Mcgregor will be old Perfect to take over this role “. Would you like a return of Obi Wan in the main saga?

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