Star Wars 8: Does Rey Belong to a Royal Family?

star-wars-8-attentes-scenes-disney-rey-daisyAlert to the new theory about the origins of Rey! A recent rumor says it would actually belong to a royal family!
This is the question that most frightens the fans of the galactic saga: where does Rey really come from? What are its origins? Who are his parents? Since the discovery of the wrecker in Star Wars 7, the craziest theories about his true identity keep stirring up the web. The last one comes to affirm that Rey and Kylo Ren, that will also be found in Star Wars 8, knew before the Reveil of the Force. Before, we could hear that Rey was the daughter of Luke Skywalker, or that of Leïa and Han Solo, or the sister of Poe Dameron. In short, a little bit and everything. Well, it’s still not finished! At just a little more than a year from the release of Star Wars 8, a new theory about the origins of Rey just surfaced. According to this, the young woman would belong to a royal family!

It was on Reddit that this new rumor was born. According to a site user, Rey would have a very deep connection with royalty. Indeed, as any good fan of Star Wars knows, the royal families were killed during the founding of the Galactic Empire by Palpatine. Rey’s family would have been one of those royal families. Further, the Internet explains that the First Order would have invaded the planet on which Ray lived with his family, probably killing all but her, for she would have managed to escape with a guard. A real info or an umpteenth intox? Hard to say for now! Maybe we’ll know soon! Indeed, Disney plans to meet in January to take stock of the upcoming movies of the saga, including Star Wars 8. With a little luck, a few scoops will be unveiled! And you, what do you think of this new theory?

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