Star Wars 8: The first replica of Luke leakee?

star-wars-8-luke-skywalker-replique-markLuke will finally be back in Star Wars 8! And it could be that one of his replicas, which would appear in the first trailer, has already leaked on the net!
We had to wait almost two hours before we could – FINALLY! – find the face of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Revival of the Force. And at the same time, what is more normal, since the first episode of this new trilogy was to introduce us to a new generation of characters? That being said, we, the Jedi fans, were breathless when they saw his silhouette perched above the sea. And his meeting with Rey, even though neither of them spoke a word, was still full of ‘Intensity! Well, fortunately, in Star Wars 8, we should see a little more Luke, since he is supposed to guide Rey on the path of the Jedi. And besides, the new rumor circulating about the character is directly related to his role as Master Jedi. Whether he has a new lightsaber or not in Star Wars 8, Luke Skywalker is well on his way to distill some cryptic replies to our heroine and, precisely, it could be that one of them has leaked on the internet. According to a Youtubeur by the name of Mike Zeroh, who would have received information from several sources of trust, the first teaser of Star Wars 8 would indeed open on a sentence pronounced by Luke.

And this sentence would be: “You possess the spark that will revive the fire.” Yes, the meltynauts, we are a bit in the same delirium as the famous replica of Snoke, “Something woke up, did you feel it?”, Which he pronounced in the first teaser of Star Wars: Revival of the Force. Except that, in the case of Luke, the sentence is clearly easier to analyze! There is almost no doubt that the Jedi is here in Rey, probably during his training. And there is a good chance that he will evoke his sensitivity to the Force and how it already has more or learned to use it. Well, it was thought that Luke would take charge of resurrecting the order of the Jedi but as he clearly failed, the task might well fall to Rey. At least, this is how we can understand the story of “reviving fire”. Unless of course he sees in her the means of redeeming his past mistakes with Ben Solo and his other apprentices. So of course, we prefer to take this information with tweezers, especially given its source. But it must be admitted that this small replica would work very well in a trailer a little mysterious. And that she seems to illustrate perfectly the relationship we imagine weaving between Luke and Rey. As the new Star Wars trilogy could mark the end of the Skywalker story, we’ll scrutinize the trailer of Star Wars 8 with great attention! What do you think of this reply?

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