Star Wars 8: What Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma) thinks of the movie!

capitaine-phasma-star-wars-7-star-wars-reyAre you afraid that Star Wars 8 may not meet all your expectations? Do not panic, Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma) has some reassuring remarks to offer us!

If Star Wars: The Wake of the Force concentrated all the hopes and expectations of the fans a year ago, it is the same for its suite, Star Wars 8! No, frankly, are not we both excited to see the continuation of the adventures of Rey, Finn and company and, at the same time, a little anxious to the idea that the film does not live up to Our hopes? Of course, a big part of us wants to blindly and completely trust Rian Johnson, especially if a character emblematic of the saga (aka Obi-Wan) makes its big comeback in Star Wars 8. But it is clear that ” One expects so much of this second opus – especially if one considers that it will not avoid the comparison with Star Wars: Empire counter-attack – that lends the blank to a possible disappointment. Fortunately, we can always count on the actors of the film to calm us down! And today, it is the turn of Gwendoline Christie to have reassuring words.

Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, Brienne’s interpreter in Game of Thrones was obviously questioned on Star Wars 8. And no, she has no right to teaser anything from the film. On the other hand, she can tell us that, from her point of view, the continuation of the Revival of the Force will be worthy of our expectations. “I do not think anyone will be disappointed by the film,” she said. Well, it does not tell us much, but it is rather auspicious. It remains to be seen whether she speaks both of the film in general and … of the return of Captain Phasma. For it must be said that, although in Melty, we love Gwendoline Christie and would love to love his character, the latter did not have much to do in the first opus. Phasma could not even resist the Han Solo-Finn-Chewie trio and ended up in a garbage crusher (or at least, it was understood by seeing Han’s head). It would be appreciated that Captain Phasma was entitled in the second film of the trilogy to a more substantial role. More than anything, we would like to see her interact a little more with Finn, who will apparently be sent on a secret mission in Star Wars 8, the latter having been placed under his orders before his escape. Anyway, the continuation of the Revival of Force will have to have strong shoulders if it wants to meet all our expectations! Are you looking forward to Phasma?

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