Star Wars fever at its height to J-5

darth-mykolaiovych-vader-habille-commeStar Wars fever is at its height five days before the release of the Revival of force, the first installment in the galactic saga in 10 years and the most anticipated film of the year.

The film directed by JJ Abrams comes out in 15 countries including France from Wednesday and the US on December 18, after a world premiere in Los Angeles on Monday. The receipts promise to be astronomical.

“I think The awakening of the strength left to be the biggest movie of 2016 and even 2015, although it will be on the screen that some days” before the end of the year, says Tom Nunan, Oscar-winning producer and professor at UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television.

Around the world, fans are on teeth, counting the days and hours before discovering the new adventures of the original heroes of the space saga, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia.

They’ll also get to know a new generation of characters: the lonely gleaner Rey, played by British Daisy Ridley, 23, which is the first movie, or Finn, the soldier of the Empire that passes the correct side Force, played by another newcomer John Boyega.

Star of the series Girls, Adam Driver goes on to give her body vile Kylo Ren, who dreams of finishing the evil Darth Vader work … and many others.

Lupita Nyong’o, including full of secret role appealed to digital motion capture technique, was known around the world thanks to his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for 12 Years a Slave. His fame may be propelled to a whole new level.

“Carrie Fisher (who plays Princess Leia) told me to stay home” to output the Wake of force and “I’ll maybe do it,” she told AFP. The actress relishes the “vast Star Wars universe, with so vast community of fans” and “all ages”, but sometimes finds it “scary” to communicate with them because “they have a way of interacting that I was not accustomed. ”

“We’ll have to learn to be part” of the Star Wars family, one of the most beloved film series and crowned with success at the world.

Crossing the Atlantic for Star Wars

For the Disney studio, the film – the seventh of the saga – finally means an investment return on the $ 4.4 billion paid in 2012 to buy back the rights to its creator, George Lucas.

Revenue is expected to be huge, given the record presales in the world. The American media suggest more than 50 million of pre-purchased tickets.

Experts expect up to $ 2 billion in revenue in theaters worldwide and up to $ 5 billion for derivatives that have invaded the stores: costumes, figurines, stickers, masks, ice cream, macaroni cheese. .. The most extreme can order toilet paper bearing the image of “Storm poopers.”

In France, more than 300,000 presales were conducted to date – a record – and the film will be screened in more than 1,000 rooms, is a very big device.

Some US fans unable to wait 48 hours more than the French to discover the film have paid $ 5,000 to fly to Paris and see on Wednesday.

Sébastien Galano, Head of Editorial Planet Club Star Wars, one of the biggest in France with 20,000 registered on Facebook, will have a booth at Disneyland Wednesday.

“I am very optimistic about this new component. Some fans are skeptical, because it is Disney who produces it, but I think on the contrary that this will be the best because we find the spirit of the first trilogy, fans prefer, “said one who Star Wars caught the virus when he was five.

Today aged 28, he is pleased that Disney has “recalled the former actors Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, to satisfy old fans, next to new heroes to capture a younger audience.”

Star Wars – Le réveil de la force Star Wars – Rise of force Star Wars – Rise of force
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