Star Wars Rogue One better than The Revival of Strength?

rogue-one-a-star-wars-storyJust a few weeks away from the Spin Off release of the Star Wars saga, Rogue One, we realize that, perhaps, it could be better than The Reveil of the Force.
A big surprise or a disappointment? When Lucasfilm studios announced the release of Rogue One at Star Wars Story, fans of the saga were very divided. Yes, when you love a universe so much, you want to go ahead, discover more and more and not go back. The film directed by Gareth Edwards brings us back between Episode III and Episode IV and tells the story of a group of rebels responsible for stealing the Black Star’s plans. The time has passed and the few trailers unveiled have managed to put our eyes on us and some people even wonder: Can Rogue One be better than The Reveil of the Force? The site US Forbes seems to have thought long at the question and here are the arguments that he advances to convince us.

A more spectacular staging – And if everything in Rogue One was more grandiose than in The Reveil of the Force? If we go back to the first parts of the saga, everything was really spectacular: the ships, the bad guys and especially the Black Star itself. A sensation we lost a little in the Reveil of the Force, but we found it in the trailer of Rogue One. The silence, the space, the enemy that is everywhere .. One realizes then the stakes and the danger and one is … intimidated!
More human characters can be identified – As you may have seen in Rogue One’s trailer, our rebels are not ultra-skilled JEDIs who can fight their enemies with laser sabers, making the fight Cool to look at, but predictable. Rogue One’s characters are normal soldiers without laser sabers, without the power to control the minds of others, but just armed with their courage, weapons and grenades. Fights that finally look much more intense than those seen in The Reveil of the Force.

If the franchise Star Wars has made its big comeback almost a year ago, Rogue One is the opportunity for the fans of the first hour to plunge back into the intrigue of the first episodes and although The characters we love so much are not in the cast, Gareth Edwards has respected many criteria of the time, notably the color code, but also the state of costumes … Full of small details that should delight the fans of the first movies.
Dark Vader is IN DA PLACE – Star Wars fans have not really been convinced by the great villain of the Aka Kylo Ren Revival and in Rogue One we will find the great, terrifying Darth Vader. The cult character will make his big comeback and that special breathing that we missed so much will sound like a melody in our ears. All we have to do is wait until December 14th to discover Rogue One at Star Wars Story, which is the most realistic Star Wars franchise. Will Rogue One be better than The Revival of Force?

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