Start bonuses to members: Couillard ready to legislate quickly

premier-ministre-quebec-philippe-couillardThe prime minister Philippe Couillard says he is ready, Friday, to legislate quickly to review the generous transition allowances paid to members resigning during their term of office.

For years, the debate around these start bonuses granted to the elected officials who choose not to complete their mandate periodically returns to haunt the government.

Last week, it surfaced when it was learned that two liberal members of parliament, Gilles Ouimet and Marguerite Blais, drew their reverence only 16 months after being elected. Mr. Ouimet will be entitled to a bonus of $ 56,000 and Ms. Blais to the sum of $150,000.

In point of release, in the margin of a caucus of two days of its members in anticipation of the parliament is back in session, Mr. Couillard said he was well aware that these allocations aroused the dissatisfaction of the population, and that he himself reprobated this practice.

He argued that the issue needed to be addressed as a whole, thus taking into account also the overall compensation of the members of the pension plan and benefits non-taxable, based on the report on the subject produced by the former justice Claire L’heureux Dubé.

Mr. Couillard says he is prepared to take the initiative to submit a bill as early as this fall, if it gets the backing of the opposition parties.

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