A step closer to the low-impact pesticides

pesticides-faible-impactThe transition to the exclusive use of low-impact pesticides, expected in 2017, continues to Sherbrooke. While other pesticides will be tolerated only as of September 8 this year, the City adopted amendments to its rules after consulting representatives of garden centers and commercial applicators.

Entrepreneurs were concerned including businesses and self-employed workers who apply pesticides without a license and without complying with the standards of the City, including as regards the products used. A citizen that chooses to apply pesticides by a third party will have to use the services of a contractor with a municipal permit. Offenders are liable to a fine of $ 100. A contractor who does not hold permit will meanwhile be liable to a $ 500 ticket.

The City will also carry out unannounced checks to verify the products used.

Philippe Caissie, Vice President of the Association of services in ornamental horticulture of Quebec, reported that natural or organic products are necessarily more expensive, so that the customer will feel the effects of the new regulations.

The bill could rise by about 10%.

“With the work we have done in committee with the city, we found a compromise that is acceptable to us. We continue to believe that the provincial regulation was sufficient, especially since it is under review at this time. We find that the new rules bring the constraints that are not necessarily helpful. ”

According to Mr. Caissie, pesticides are drugs for the healthy turf. It welcomes the compromise reached with the City. About 10 000 households Sherbrooke make the use of pesticides.

The chair of the Environment Christine Ouellet mentions that the aim was to limit the scope of those improvised applicators. “We do not know where they come from and where they go. Working with those recognized, we limit unfair competition. We do not have inspectors to monitor each applicator and we are targeting the territory of self-regulation here. The goal is to encourage good alternative practices. We decided not to wait for the implementation of the code of the Government of Quebec pesticides to step further. ”

Nicole Bergeron Advisor registered his dissent on the subject.

Citizens will receive in the coming weeks the Maintenance Guide for a healthy lawn.

Free lectures will also be offered on May 25 at 19 am at the hall of the Parvis, street Board, and May 26, at 19 h 30, the 003 room Françoise-Dunn community center in the Borough of Jacques-Cartier.

Additional information is also disseminated sherbrooke.ca/pelouse.

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