Stephane “Godasse” Gagne wants out of prison

stephane-godasse-gagne-1997The informer Stephane “Godasse” Gagne wants out of prison before the end of his sentence.

Gagne will address a panel this week to ask him to anticipate the eligibility date to conventional release. The biker murdered prison guard Diane Lavigne in 1997 to climb the rungs in the Hells Angels organization.

Gagne was sentenced to a life sentence for the murder without the possibility of eligibility for parole until 2023.

But Gagne turncoat after pleading guilty to the murder. He agreed to testify for the Crown and the latter – in exchange – dropped the charges against him about the murder of a second prison guard Pierre Rondeau.

Gagne has allowed to convict the time of his accomplice, Paul Fontaine, and the Chief of the Hells, Maurice “Mom” Boucher.

The detainee enjoys a measure in the Criminal Code that allows the author of a murder, after 15 years of detention, to go to a jury to anticipate the eligibility date for parole.

A murderer must prove to the jury that particular adopted a good behavior in prison and is sufficiently “rehabilitated” to regain his freedom. When the jury’s recommendation is positive, then the Parole Board of Canada to consider the application and grant or withhold release.

Interestingly, the “faint hope clause” was abolished by the Harper government in 2011. However, Gagne can still avail since the murder was committed before 2011.

The hearings conducted before the judge Jerry Zigman should last two weeks.

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