How Steve Hill saved his career

sourire-puisqueThere are not so long ago, Steve Hill career looked like a field of ruins. He had just released an album that straight down, his record company not having won a grant that would have to promote it. The guitarist also realized that the guy who managed its finances held a share of his winnings.

It smelled the end, at least flat broke when he hit the road, alone in his old Ford. The Trifluvien began to play wherever it indulged, even conceding a modest fees. “I had to survive,” he has told a few days ago, thanks to a telephone interview with the Daily.

Looks like a blues history amid “road trip” the eternal refrain of the artist constantly brought back to square one. The difference is that this time, things have turned out well. With his experience in solo, Steve Hill recorded an album in his studio, at little cost. The first of three Solo Recordings.

The impact was immediate. There were all kinds of prices, and a Juno nomination, for the “Canadian” of the ADISQ gala. Above all, this disc has justified the holding of 175 shows, including several in English Canada, a scenario that has repeated itself after the release of the second volume, the man equates to a run.

“Last year, I played mostly in English Canada and Quebec. I also won four Maple Blues Awards, as well as the Juno for blues album. I never let go. I’m working, “says guitarist from Trois-Rivières.

Two outputs Sous-Bois

A happiness never comes alone, Steve Hill has launched Solo Recordings, Volume 3. Once again, it is he who sings and plays all the instruments, all simultaneously. In studio and on stage, in fact, there is no question of finesse by overlapping soundtracks.

The album contains original compositions that the artist took the time to break into show. For the first time, he was assisted by Pierre Girard, a native of the area boys, “I just wanted to play and I’m happy. It sounds really good. ”

Twice were added in extremis, after an experiment at the end of a session. “I asked Peter to let it run ” tape ” and I’ve done Still A Fool And A Rollin Stone and Rollin & Tumplin and. It gives color to blues album, “says Steve Hill.

So here it is left on the road and one of his first stops is Chicoutimi, more specifically Sous-Bois. A first evening having sold out to the Thursday invited the Jazz and Blues Festival Saguenay added another to be held Wednesday at 20h.

“Now I have a lot of choice, something like 35 tunes grouped on three discs, plus times. As I am alone, I can afford to make a list according to the room where I work. I also have the freedom to change your mind along the way, “says the musician.

It is associated with blues, but he recalled that on the Solo Recordings, there are only two pieces of traditional invoice. “As disk Exile On Main Street The Rolling Stones, I also do folk tunes and country and rock. That’s how I expanded my audience, “says Steve Hill.

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