Still a diesel spill for installations Hydro-Quebec

accident-environnemental-survenu-semaine-derniereFor the third time in a few weeks, Hydro-Québec reservoirs dumped thousands of liters of diesel in the environment, in the middle of an isolated region.

The Ministry of Environment said yesterday be reached last week on the North Shore, in the wake of an environmental accident occurred near the intersection of Highway 138 and the access road to sites hydroelectric complex La Romaine.

At that time, 5600, 6100 or 9000 liters of diesel – according to estimates – had escaped from two reservoirs.

Since the beginning of August, the Ministry of Environment emergency services have identified two more significant spills linked to Hydro-Québec in the North.

On the North Shore, it’s an equipment problem that would be involved.

“When Hydro-Québec informed us they did not know how long the two valves were fleeing. These are two valves that are at issue: a flowing drop by drop, while for the other it was a net diesel flowing, “said Frederic Fournier, regional spokesman for the Ministry of Environment.

Contaminated soil was recovered on site. According to Mr. Fournier, analysis should be performed to determine if “all contaminated soils have been removed.” “There are no sensitive areas that have been affected,” he added.

Three estimates

Hydro-Québec, for its part, claims to have “recovered 100% of the soil that had been in contact with diesel.” “There is no impact on the environment,” assured Marie-Elaine Deveault, company spokesman.

Ms. Deveault said the amount of fuel spilled was estimated at 6100 liters. The Ministry of the Environment rather talk about an initial assessment of 9000 liters, 5600 liters reduced to run its course. The spokesman Frederic Fournier indicated that these figures had been calculated and provided by Hydro-Québec.

Since the beginning of August, it is the third known diesel spills for Hydro-Québec facilities.

On August 3, the corporation reported a leak of 14 000 liters of fuel at its production plant Ivujivik, in Northern Quebec. Residents had complained then strange smells in a fishing area.

There is one week, the same day of the spill on the North Shore, it was the turn of the central production of Inukjuak – always in the north – to lose 13,500 liters of diesel.

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