Stormy evenings at Buonanotte

avis-convocation-envoye-proprietaires-buonanottePresence of individuals involved in organized crime, police sexually assaulted, fights with blows of bottles or knife altercation with doormen and police, occupants overload customers after hours: the popular Buonanotte restaurant Boulevard Saint -Laurent was the scene of many problematic situations in recent years, so that the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux convenes its owners in audience for the fourth time in 15 years.

In the notice sent to the owners of Buonanotte, the Liquor lists between 2007 and March, about ten fights between customers. During one of these events, which occurred on 2 April 2011, a conflict broke out between twenty people, and the police had to use their batons and call for reinforcements to calm things down. A patrol was hit in the head.

On 10 June 2013, an individual was stabbed by a client and the police had to request a search warrant to access the records of the incident captured by the cameras of the restaurant.

During the same period, half a dozen incidents involved clients on one side, and the porters and the police on the other. The notice fact state police assaulted sexually by a customer during a routine visit, on 15 February 2014. Reportedly, an intoxicated customer had tried to kiss police, who dodged the maneuver. The suspect, aged 22, was arrested and charged. The case is still before the courts.

Street gangs

The board also criticized the restaurant for hosting street gang members and individuals linked to organized crime on several occasions between 2008 and January. September 19, 2009, a fight broke out between the same individuals linked to street gangs and members of staff, at which bottles, glasses, crockery and a security cordon was used.

The police-reported several times a particular street gang member, which is entered in the establishment including avoiding the queue on 1 March 2013. The individual is not named in the document, but according to our information, this is the gang leader Jean-Philippe Celestin, arrested in March and charged with gangsterism and drug trafficking.

The Board also noted several times the presence of customers after business hours, and an overload of occupants, sometimes even double the permitted limit, as it’s been the case on a temporary deck 13 June 2010.

License suspended in 2006

Since 2000, Buonanotte owners were summoned four times before the Régie des alcohols. One of these notices resulted in a suspension of liquor license for 21 days in 2006.

Other institutions belonging to the same owners were subject to decisions of the Board in recent years.

In January 2005 including, the Board dismissed an application for a liquor license for the Hotel Godin, because shareholders of the company at issue Buonanotte owner Massimo Lecas Roberto Pesut and Angelo Leone, “could not establish their capacity to exercise with competence and integrity the activities for which they requested licenses, in view of their past conduct in the management of the restaurant and the Buonanotte Globe, and secondly, that the issuance of the requested permit was likely to disturb public tranquility and undermine public security “, it said in the notice.

The hearing for the Buonanotte was set to fall.

Other incidents

May 25, 2008 An employee of Buonanotte present as a customer is attacked on foot and high heels beaten by another client. A bottle of alcohol is also launched during the dispute.
30 November 2013 A client is arrested for assaulting a police officer.
1 December 2013 Two customers have a fight in which one of them was wounded in the head and pepper spray is used.
September 7, 2014 An individual is hit in the head with a beer bottle outside the establishment.
March 29, 2015 A fight broke out between several customers inside. Bottles have been launched. Upon arrival, the police find a man was wounded in the face.

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