Story of a mother whose daughter was bitten by mistake offered pills in a Metro

epicerie-metro-concernee-defendue-assurant(Quebec) Isabelle Lefrancois had the scare of his life when his daughter, Lili-Rose, chewed and spat out the drugs that were distributed by mistake Friday in a Metro grocery store located at 1050 Larue Avenue in Beauport.

While the statement sent to the media by the Police Department spoke seven tablets divalproex 125 mg and quetiapine 50 mg – Lili-Rose would rather have received a tablet of divalproex 500 mg and two quetiapine 25 mg, says his mother, joined by Le Soleil.

Friday, Ms. Lefrançois went to the grocery store as it does regularly. Her little girl a balloon asking the cashier also receives a packet of cigarettes Popeye and what appears to be candy this Halloween eve. Nothing unusual. All smiles, they take the direction of the house.

“It was a transparent bag, with the name of a person, the dosage, the name of the pharmacist and as a date and time, October 31, 8 am,” said the one who was still in shock. “I said to myself:” My God, they are rendered hoods They went to make candy medicines, and they write the same dosage. “. […] It was from a supermarket, if I had that tonight in Halloween bag my daughter, I would not have the same attitude. I left the store, I do not think watching the candy … ”

The lady was so far from suspecting that his nine year old daughter had real medicines in the hands. Arriving home, Lili-Rose taste a first medication and will spit it out. It tastes in a second and the same reaction. “Ark is really not good,” then said the girl. “That, I more or less understood,” says Mrs Lefrançois.

“Taking panic”

Only Saturday morning, while a friend of his sent to him by the new Facebook, she realizes that her daughter really crunched into drugs. “I panicked and I contacted the police,” she says. “They referred me to Info-Santé, saying that yes, the situation had been seen by the police. I then communicates with Info-Santé, which refers me to the poison control center. ”

As is procedure, the agent of the poison control center asked the weight of his daughter and the dose she ate because at that time, Ms. Lefrançois does not know that Lily-Rose has never swallowed the medicine . With a dose of 125 mg divalproex, there should not be any consequences, he says one. “If there had to be something, that would have occurred in the first four hours.” However, the dose indicated on the bag would be 125 mg, 500 mg but … “J ‘ I said no, no, madam, it is 25 mg for quetiapine 500 mg divalproex. There were three pills in my bag. Two quetiapine and divalproex “says Lefrancois.

“Madam, go see if your daughter is breathing well,” she had the answer on the phone, silence … “I’ll panic and see my daughter. I wake up. It seems to be going well. The lady asked me to go anyway CHUL. She said: “I will advise them of your arrival.” ”

Shaken and in tears, Mrs Lefrançois pulls his bed his daughter. “Lili-Rose, go to the hospital. Yesterday, it was not sweets, but drugs. ” That’s when the little told her she had not eaten them. “The poison control center told me:” If she spat, there is no danger. “”

In search of answers, Ms. Lefrançois contacted the Metro twice Saturday. The first time, the man who answered was also in a tizzy. “He apologized, he did not understand. He told me that the cashier was a student working to pay for his studies. He trusted her, “she says.

“Wicked gap”

Mrs Lefrançois has still a lot of difficulty understanding why drugs were mixed with candy. “It could be human error, but there was a nasty gap … an error of judgment.” She also contacted the police to recover the medication he had left. “I expect answers. I do not believe the stupid accident, “she concludes.

Metro side, the spokeswoman, Marie-Claude Bacon, said Saturday that the company was cooperating with police. “As soon as we realized the situation, we have cooperated fully with the police. It is an isolated situation. It’s really an accidental situation. […] We continued to give candy. ”

Divalproex and quetiapine are medications prescribed for bipolar. This is a lady who had lost her child medication.

The Service de police de la Ville de Québec said Saturday on his Twitter account had found seven tablets that were mixed with candy. These are parents who have contacted them. For now, the investigation continues.

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